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Electronic Health Records title banner

Welcome to the IHS Electronic Health Record Website

LCD screen These pages will introduce you to the Indian Health Service's latest medical software application, the IHS Electronic Health Record (EHR). The site is designed primarily for IHS, Tribal, and Urban (I/T/U) Indian health care facilities that are actively involved in implementation of IHS-EHR, or are contemplating doing so in the near future. It provides a variety of information about the EHR product, as well as links to a number of helpful documents.

The Indian Health Service has long been a pioneer in using computer technology to capture clinical and public health data. The IHS clinical information system is called the Resource and Patient Management System (RPMS). Its development began nearly 30 years ago, and many facilities have access to decades of personal health information and epidemiological data on local populations. The primary clinical component of RPMS, Patient Care Component (PCC), was launched in 1984. IHS-EHR represents the next phase of clinical software development for the IHS.

On this site we invite you to explore the following pages:

arrow box EHR Clinical Overview - Learn the key capabilities of EHR as seen by the user in clinical practice.

arrow box EHR Technical Overview - Learn how EHR relates to the rest of RPMS, and the technical and hardware specifications required to operate it.

arrow box EHR Walk Through - View the EHR application either through an animated Flash demonstration (with sound) or still pictures and text.

arrow box Preparing for EHR - Learn what facilities can do to begin the process of preparation for this new clinical technology.

arrow box Patient Information Management System (PIMS) - This page describes the new Scheduling and Admission/Discharge/Transfer (ADT) application for IHS.

arrow box EHR Presentations - A number of recent EHR-related presentations are available for downloading or viewing from this page.

arrow box EHR Current Status - Updated regularly, this page shares current information about the IHS EHR Program

arrow box Key EHR Program Contacts - Lists the people who can advise and consult with facilities and users on various aspects of EHR planning and implementation.

arrow box EHR Frequently Asked Questions - A list of questions and answers about the EHR application and the changes it can bring to a health care facility.

arrow box EHR Feedback - A page designed to provide users with the opportunity to comment on the new EHR application.

arrow box EHR Listserv - Through this page users and other interested persons can subscribe to an e-mail list that will provide opportunities for discussion and information sharing about EHR.

For more information about the background and history of the IHS Electronic Health Record Program, please refer to the November 2003 issue of The IHS Primary Care Provider [PDF].

Additional information about the national movement toward electronic medical records and recommendations for functional standards can be found in the following extensively referenced report from the Institute of Medicine. IOM Report [PDF]

In April 2004, HL7, Inc., a national standards-development organization, held a final ballot on draft standards for electronic health records. IHS-EHR meets many, though not all, of these standards, and future development of EHR is intended to bring it closer to these new national recommendations. Click here to view the HL7 Draft Standard for Trial Use. [PDF-1.5MB]

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