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The Board's Method and Data Comparability Strategy includes four areas of the National Water Quality Monitoring Council's Framework for Monitoring, shown as "Element" in the table below. Each "Element" is linked to a page with more information, "Element Considerations"

Methods and Data Comparability Strategy
Element Element Considerations Product or Activity
Identify Objectives and Design of Monitoring Project
Study Objectives DQO Paper (future activity)
Monitoring Questions Expert system (ongoing)
Data Quality Objectives NEMI
Measurement Quality Objectives PBS: NWQMC Technical Report 01-02
Sampling Design COD Pilot (draft)
Collect Data in the Field
Field Certification and Training Field Certification Position Paper (Future Activity)
Field Protocols NEMI (Phase 3)
Field Method Performance Field Biology PBS Paper
Sample Handling and Preservation Nutrient PBS Pilot
Macroinvertebrate PBS Pilot
Collect Data in the Laboratory
Method Comparability NEMI
Laboratory Accreditation Federal Laboratory Accreditation
Reference Materials Availability Coordination with NELAC
Laboratory Method Verification State Laboratory Accreditation Position (Future Activity)
PBS Position Paper (NWQMC Tech Report 01-02)
COD Pilot Paper
Manage Data Required Metadata Water Quality Data Elements
Data Quality Documentation
Chemical and Microbiological List (ACWI Approved 2001)
Biological List (In development)
NEMI coordination (ongoing)
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