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Contact Information

  • If you have a question or need information, contact:
    • The NCEH/ATSDR Information Center
      E-mail: Click here
      Local Telephone: 404-498-0110
      Fax: 404-498-0093
      Toll-free Phone: 1-888-422-8737

  • ATSDR Regional Offices

Offices and Divisions

Office of the Director
Henry Falk, Director
Tom Sinks, Acting Deputy Director for Program, NCEH/ATSDR
Sherri Berger, Acting Deputy Director for Management, NCEH/ATSDR

Drue Barrett, Acting Associate Director

Terrorism Preparedness and Emergency Response
Scott Deitchman, Associate Director

Information Systems
Nabil Issa, Associate Director

Chief Medical Officer
Ed Kilbourne, Chief Medical Officer

Global Health
Marilyn DiSirio, Associate Director

Environmental Justice
Rueben Warren, Associate Director

Health Disparities
Diane Dennis-Stephans, Associate Director

Office of Financial and Administrative Services
Carol Aloisio, Acting Director
Mike Youson, Acting Deputy Director

Office of Communication
Jana Telfer, Associate Director

Office of Policy, Planning and Evaluation
Georgi Jones, Director

ATSDR Divisions

Division of Health Assessment and Consultation (DHAC)
William Cibulas, Director
Sharon O. Williams-Fleetwood, Deputy Director

Division of Health Education and Promotion (DHEP)
Elizabeth Howze, Director
Martha Boisseau, Deputy Director

Division of Health Studies (DHS)
G. David Williamson, Director
Sharon S. Campolucci, Deputy Director

Division of Regional Operations (DRO)
Tina Forrester, Deputy Director

Division of Toxicology (DT)
Chris DeRosa, Director
Lester Smith, Deputy Director

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