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Collaborations in Mathematical Geosciences


The purposes of the CMG activity are: (A) to enable collaborative research at the intersection of mathematical sciences and geosciences, and (B) to encourage cross-disciplinary education through summer graduate training activities. Research topics under (A) should fall within one of two broad themes: (1) mathematical and statistical modeling of large, complex geosystems, or (2) representing uncertainty in geosystems. Research projects supported under this activity should be essentially collaborative in nature. Research groups should include at least one mathematical scientist and at least one geoscientist.

Target Dates and Deadlines

January 14, 2004

Program Contact(s)

Stephen Meacham
Division of Atmospheric Sciences
Phone: 703.292.8527
Fax: 703.292.9022

Elise Ralph
Division of Ocean Sciences
Phone: 703.292.8580
Fax: 703.292.9085

Robin Reichlin
Division of Earth Sciences
Phone: 703.292.8556
Fax: 703.292.9085


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