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Publicaciones en Espanol -- Spanish Publications (130)

AVISO . . . Los precios aqui indicados entraron en efecto en la fecha que aparece arriba. Los precios de documentos gubernamentales estan sujetos a cambios sin previo aviso, por lo tanto los precios vigentes de cuando su pedido ha sido despachado pueden diferir de los precios de esta lista. Ya que no es posible cambiar los precios de los documentos gubernamentales en prensa; el precio marcado en un documento puede variar del precio en efecto de cuando se hizo el pedido.

Aviation in the 21st Century: Beyond Open Skies Ministerial, Chicago, Illinois, December 5-7, 1999, Conference Report. BOOK. 2000. Summarizes the proceedings of the Aviation in the 21st Century: Beyond Open Skies Ministerial. Portions of text are in English, French, and Spanish. 0-16-050482-1

S/N 050-007-01299-3 -- $12.00 Add To Cart

Census of Agriculture, 1998, Volume 1, Geographic Area Series, Final Reports, Puerto Rico. BOOK. 2000. Text in English and Spanish.

S/N 803-010-00159-1 -- $22.00 Add To Cart

Controlling Heat Stress Made Simple = Maneras Sencillas de Controlar la Fatiga Causada por el Calor. POSTER. 1995. Spanish edition on reverse side. Explains the symptoms of heat stress. Presents a summary of key points to follow for controlling heat stress as well as an outline of a comprehensive program. Consists of charts labeled: Key Elements; Basic Steps; Heat Illnesses and First Aid Measures; Heat Illness and Pesticide Poisoning; Comparison of Symptoms of Heat Exhaustion and Organophosphate/Carbamate Poisoning; and A Basic Program for Controlling Heat Stress. 0-16-063362-1

S/N 055-000-00544-3 -- $1.50 Add To Cart

Importacion a los Estados Unidos: Guia para los Importadores Comerciales. BOOK. 1999. Spanish edition of: Importing Into the United States. Provides an overview of the importing process. Contains general information about import requirements. 0-16-058954-1

S/N 048-002-00133-8 -- $13.00 Add To Cart

La Guia Piramide De Alimentos. BOOK. 1994. Spanish edition of "The Food Guide Pyramid". 0-16-051369-3

S/N 001-000-04707-8 -- $43.00 Add To Cart

Listeriosis y Consejos en la Seguridad de los Alimentos. BOOK. 2000. Spanish version of "Listeriosis and Food Safety Tips." Explains the dangers, prevention, and treatment of Listeriosis, an illness caused by eating foods contaminated with Listeria Monocytogenes, a kind of bacteria often found in soil and water. 0-16-051403-7

S/N 001-000-04678-1 -- $41.00 Add To Cart

Lo Que el Trabajo Requiere de las Escuelas: Informe de la Comision SCANS Para America 2000. BOOK. 1992. Spanish edition of: What Work Requires of Schools. 0-16-038243-2

S/N 029-000-00441-2 -- $4.75 Add To Cart

Puerto Rico: 2000, Summary Population and Housing Characteristics. BOOK. 2003. Text in English and Spanish. Contains statistical tables. 0-16-067241-4

S/N 003-024-08918-1 -- $61.00 Add To Cart

Thermy: Use un Termometro para Alimentos. BOOK. 2000. Explains the proper temperature to cook various kinds of meats. 0-16-050495-3

S/N 001-000-04688-8 -- $33.00 Add To Cart

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