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July 1, 1999 · PR 112-99
Contact: Patty Reilly


The Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) announced today the release of its 20th Anniversary Retrospective, "FLRA 20 Years 1979-1999." The publication is part of a series of commemorative events undertaken by the FLRA in its anniversary year. Other events include two recently completed national training conferences attended by nearly 500 people.

The 20th Anniversary Retrospective presents an overview of the FLRA's development since its creation by Title VII of the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978. The publication traces the FLRA's evolution over the years from emphasizing statutory enforcement through litigation, to developing and expanding initiatives promoting the practice of constructive labor relations through interest-based resolution of disputes. Significant case law, case trends, and statutory amendments are also described.

The Retrospective highlights three recent accomplishments:

The Preface to the 20th Anniversary Retrospective, signed by the FLRA's presidentially-appointed leadership, describes the training conferences and this publication as "important building blocks for a vibrant collective bargaining program for the future." It continues: "The goal is to promote stable, constructive labor relations that contribute to a more effective government, thereby achieving Congress' purpose when it recognized that labor organizations and collective bargaining in the civil service are in the public interest."

The 20th Anniversary Retrospective is available on the FLRA's web site at or by request to the Authority. For further information, please contact Patty Reilly at (202)-482-6500.

The FLRA is an independent agency that administers the labor-management relations program for 1.9 million non-Postal Service Federal employees worldwide, approximately 1.1 million of whom are exclusively represented in 2,200 bargaining units. It is charged with providing leadership in establishing policies and guidance related to Federal sector labor-management relations and with resolving disputes under and ensuring compliance with the Statute.

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