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Demos News

Coverage of Certain Demonstration Projects under Medicare Modernization Act

The Medicare Replacement Drug Demonstration

Demonstration Projects and Evaluation Reports

Demonstration Projects:

CMS conducts and sponsors a number of innovative demonstration projects to test and measure the effect of potential program changes. Our demonstrations study the likely impact of new methods of service delivery, coverage of new types of service, and new payment approaches on beneficiaries, providers, health plans, states, and the Medicare Trust Funds. Evaluation projects validate our research and demonstration findings and help us monitor the effectiveness of Medicare, Medicaid, and the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).

Future Demonstrations

Solicitations Period Closed/Ongoing Demonstrations - We are no longer taking applications; they are in various stages of implementation.

Medicaid Demonstration Information
Click above for information on state waiver and demonstration programs.

Additional Demonstrations – Active Projects Database

We have summaries of additional demonstration projects in our Active Projects Report: Research and Demonstrations in Health Care Financing (APR). The APR is an annual publication that inventories both intramural projects conducted by CMS staff and extramural projects conducted, with CMS support, by contractors, grantees, and other awardees. The APR presents a brief description of each project, including its identification number, project title, awardee, funding, and the period of performance. The current edition of the APR can be accessed here.

Evaluations of Demonstration Projects:

Medicaid State Reform Demonstrations
Medicare Demonstrations

Analysis of Medicare Beneficiary Knowledge Data - (Feb. 2003)

CABG Centers of Excellence Demonstration - (Sept. 1998)

Community Nursing Organization Demonstration - (Jan. 2003)

DoD Subvention Demonstration - (Feb. 2004)

Durable Medical Equipment Competitive Bidding Demonstration - (Sept. 2002)

"Early" Coordinated Care Demonstration - (1995)

End-Stage Renal Disease Managed Care Demonstration - (2002)

Evaluation of the QMB and SLMB Programs - (Sept. 2003)

Evercare Demonstration - (August 2002)

Home Health Agency Prospective Payment Demonstration - (April 2001)

Medicare Choices Demonstration - (1997)

PACE Demonstration - (1998)

Partnership for Quality Services Demonstration - (2002)

Social Health Maintenance Organization - (2002)



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