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NASA's Observatorium -- Fun & Games

Fun and Games header

Fun and Games header

Scientists need to play, too, and these games might even teach you something along the way if you're not careful.

button Coloring Book (Requires Java support.)
Cool space pictures that you can color on your computer.

button Concentrate! (Requires Java support.)
The classic game, with cool NASA imagery.

button Crossword Puzzle (Requires Java support.)
A three-letter word for star? Test your skills with our version of this classic game.

button Earth at Night (Requires JavaScript support.)
Test your knowledge of world geography. Identify the cities from the city lights.

button Mars Lander (Requires Java support.)
Play NASA's version of the old video game "Lunar Lander."

button Orbit Simulators (Requires Java support.)
Try these interactive demonstrations of Kepler's three laws of planetary motion.

button Slider Puzzle (Requires Java support.)
They frustrated you in the real world, now experience the ultimate in virtual tedium!

button Space Trivia (Requires JavaScript support.)
Try one of our Space Trivia Quizzes and see how much you know about the not-so-trivial subject of space.

button SR-71 Flight Time Calculator (Requires Java support.)
See how long it takes an SR-71 to fly between any two places in the world!

button Wallpaper
Looking for space images to use as wallpaper? Look no further!

button Where in the World?
Identify these well-known locales from satellite images. Get a clue, if you need one.

button Wordsearch (Requires Java support.)
Search for hidden words.


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