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Semiannual Schedule of Fees for INDEPENDENT CREDIT CARD BANKS




Independent Credit Card Banks are subject to an additional fee based on receivables attributable to credit card accounts owned by the institution.  Your bank has been identified as meeting the guidelines of an Independent Credit Card Bank and should use the schedule below to compute this portion of the fee.


Pursuant to 12CFR 8.2(c), “Receivables Attributable” is the total amount of outstanding balances due on credit card accounts owned by an independent credit card bank (the receivables attributable to those accounts) on the last day of the assessment period, minus receivables retained on the bank’s balance sheet as of that day.


The assessment calculation is based on the total receivables attributable as of JUNE 30, 2004.  Payment of the assessment fee is due by JULY 31, 2004.  Payments received after the due date will be charged interest at an annual rate of 1 %.


Please submit the Independent Credit Card Bank fee in addition to the general assessment shown on the previous page and follow the same instructions for submitting payment.





If the bank’s total off-balance sheet receivables attributable are:

The Independent Credit Card Bank Fee will be:






But Not Over


$ 0

$ 100

$  41,100












NOTE:  Independent credit card banks that do not have receivables attributable to credit card accounts that they own, will not be subject to the independent credit card bank fee.





      The surcharge applies to all components of an institution’s assessment, including the independent credit card bank fee.  Banks informed of composite CAMELS/ROCA ratings of 3, 4, or 5 as of June 30, 2004, should add 50%, 100%, or 100% respectively over and above their regular independent credit card bank fee. 


The The Independent Credit Card Bank Fee Schedule and other information about assessments may be obtained via www.OCC.treas.gov  the official OCC web address.  Select “Subject Index”, scroll down to Assessments, and then select the desired information.







Questions regarding the assessment process should be directed to Revenue Accounting at (866) 874-5150 or BankAssessments@OCC.Treas.Gov