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Prescribed Maximum Per Diem Rates for CONUS
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Per diem locality:
	                                   Maximum                Maximum 
                                           lodging   +   M&IE;   = per diem
                                            amount       rate      rate 4
Key city 1           County and/or other  (room rate      (b)        (c)
                     defined location 2,3  only-no 

CONUS, Standard rate $50 $30 $80
(Applies to all locations within CONUS not specifically listed below or encompassed by the boundary definition of a listed point. However, the standard CONUS rate applies to all locations within CONUS, including those defined below, for certain relocation subsistence allowances. See parts 302-2, 302-4, and 302-5 of this subtitle.)

The maximum rates listed below are prescribed under 301-11 of this chapter for reimbursement of per diem expenses incurred during official travel within CONUS (the continental United States). The amount shown in column (a) is the maximum that will be reimbursed for lodging expenses excluding taxes. The M&IE; rate shown in column (b) is a fixed amount allowed for meals and incidental expenses covered by per diem. The per diem payment calculated in accordance with part 301-11 of this chapter for lodging expenses plus the M&IE; rate may not exceed the maximum per diem rate shown in column (c). Seasonal rates apply during the periods indicated.

It is the policy of the Government, as reflected in the Hotel Motel Fire Safety Act of 1990 (Pub. L. No. 101-391, September 25, 1990 as amended by Pub. L. No. 105-85, November 18, 1997), referred to as "the Act" in this paragraph, to save lives and protect property by promoting fire safety in hotels, motels, and all places of public accommodation affecting commerce. In furtherance of the Act's goals, employees are encouraged to stay in a facility which is fire-safe, i.e., an approved accommodation, when commercial lodging is required. Lodgings that meet the Government requirements are listed on the U.S. Fire Administration's Internet site at http://www.usfa.fema.gov/hotel.

Note: Major changes in the coverage of per diem rates effective in this amendment are:

  • Lodging rates do not include any taxes. They are now room rates only.
  • Actual costs paid for lodging taxes may be reimbursed to the traveler as a miscellaneous expense (see 301-11).
  • Additional seasons (up to four) have been added where appropriate.
  • There may be more than one rate within a county now. Please read the tables carefully.
  • Many previously combined locations are now shown separately with different rates (i.e., Alexandria, Arlington, Montgomery County, Prince Georges County, Fairfax County, and Loudoun County, are now listed separately from Washington, DC).
  • There is one new M&IE; tier: $46.

  • Last update May 20, 2004

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