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Multiclass Securities Guide

The Ginnie Mae Multiclass Securities Guide is divided into four sections, and includes an addendum.

  • Part I (PDF - 1.0 MB) is an introduction to Ginnie Mae REMIC and MX Transactions, including transaction guidelines and documents.
  • Part II (PDF - 1.9 MB) contains additional guidelines and documents necessary to complete a Ginnie Mae REMIC transaction.
  • Part III (PDF - 0.3 MB) provides information about Ginnie Mae Platinum Securities.
  • Part IV (PDF - 0.6 MB) covers Multifamily transactions.
  • The Addendum (PDF - 0.9 MB) provides modifications of the Multiclass Securities Guide for the offering of Call and Callable Class Securities.

Updates to Guides and Requirements

Ginnie Mae notifies issuers of periodic changes in guidelines and requirements through All Participants Memoranda and changes to the Guides.

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