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Recent Virtual Diplomacy Reports & Events

Achieving Peace in Liberia
Virtual Town Meeting
February 9, 2004

Creating a Common Communications Culture: Interoperability in Crisis Management
Virtual Diplomacy Report (VDS 17) - January 2004

Towards Interoperability in Crisis Management
Public Conference
September 11-12, 2003

Net Diplomacy III: 2015 and Beyond
Virtual Diplomacy Report (VDS 16) - October 2002

Net Diplomacy II: Beyond Old Borders
Virtual Diplomacy Report (VDS 15) - October 2002

Net Diplomacy I: Beyond Foreign Ministries
Virtual Diplomacy Report (VDS 14) - October 2002

Information Technology And Peace Support Operations: A Relationship For The New Millennium
Virtual Diplomacy Report (VDS 13) - July 2002

Space Aid: Current and Potential Uses of Satellite Imagery In UN Humanitarian Organizations
Virtual Diplomacy Report (VDS 12) - April 2002

The Virtual Diplomacy Initiative (VDI) explores the role of information and communications technologies (ICTs) in the conduct of foreign affairs, particularly their effect upon international conflict management and resolution. Since 1995, VDI has sponsored workshops, conferences, and symposia; funded an array of projects on the intersection of ICTs and diplomacy, war, post-conflict reconstruction, and globalization; and published reports and essays from a distinguished collection of leading thinkers and practitioners.

Throughout this web site, you will find a rich assortment of online resources related to the Institute's work on virtual diplomacy. You are encouraged to browse and to check back to learn about upcoming events and new online resources.

Sheryl Brown
Virtual Diplomacy Initiative
United States Institute of Peace

 Updated: February 17, 2004

Virtual Diplomacy Highlights

Virtual Diplomacy Initiative Sponsors Virtual Town Hall with Gyude Bryant

On February 9 the Institute hosted a special Virtual Town Hall Meeting featuring Gyude Bryant, chairman of the National Transitional Government of Liberia. During the webcast Bryant engaged the Liberian diaspora in a web-based conversation about prospects for maintaining the peace in their war-weary homeland and what they can do to support it. Institute Africa specialist Michael Southwick and Harry Grieves, economic adviser to Chairman Bryant, moderated the event.

New Report Explores Communication Interoperability in Crisis Management

In a new Virtual Diplomacy Report, Institute president Richard H. Solomon explores the challenges facing international humanitarian responders in developing more effective communications practices for twenty-first century crisis management. Co-authored by Sheryl Brown, director of the Virtual Diplomacy Initiative, this report was originally presented as a speech at a conference, "Towards Interoperability in Crisis Management," cosponsored by the United States Institute of Peace's Virtual Diplomacy Initiative and the Crisis Management Initiative's Information Technology and Crisis Management project in Helsinki, Finland, September 11-14, 2003.

Studemeister Joins Pew Center

Margarita S. Studemeister's eight-year affiliation with the Virtual Diplomacy Initiative came to a close in September, when she accepted a position as associate director at the Pew Hispanic Center. Former co-director of the Virtual Diplomacy Initiative and director of the Institute's Library Program, Studemeister's contributions to the initiative are too many and profound to enumerate. Suffice it to say that her intellectual curiosity and tenacity were a powerful catalyst for the initiative's direction and shape.

Institute Co-sponsors Conference in Helsinki

The United States Institute of Peace and the Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) in September 2003 co-hosted a conference on information and communications technology and crisis management in Hotel Kämp, Helsinki. Entitled "Towards Interoperability in Crisis Management," the conference explored practical steps toward improving information sharing, coordination, and cooperation from headquarters to the field, and between and among the various organizations responding to crises. Conference participants included high-level representatives of international organizations, expert practitioners involved in humanitarian assistance and crisis management, and technologists who understand the nature of field operations.

Virtual Diplomacy Initiative Releases Net Diplomacy Reports

Edited by Barry Fulton, a research professor at George Washington University and director of the Public Diplomacy Institute, "Net Diplomacy" is a three part series of reports that examine the state of diplomacy in 2015. Originally published online by iMP: The Magazine on Information Impacts, the series consists of three reports:


For More Information

To learn more about the work of the Virtual Diplomacy Initiative, please contact Virtual Diplomacy director Sheryl Brown.


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