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                                                      Human Resource Services Center Job Kit 

                                       Servicing OSD, Defense Agencies & DoD Field Activities 



The Human Resource Services Center (HRSC) uses an electronic staffing and recruitment system.  The patented artificial intelligence software reads information in your resume and extracts your skills and other significant information. 




The HRSC automated system provides two avenues (HRSC Resume Writer Page and HRSC Resume E-Mail Page) that can be used for preparing and submitting a resume.  Both can be accessed by going to  Only resumes will be accepted, the SF-171 and OF-612 are not accepted.  Faxed copies of resumes will not be accepted.  Falsification of your resume could result in termination of Federal employment, and may be punishable by fine or imprisonment. 


Scroll down to BUILD OR UPLOAD YOUR RESUME VIA THE WEB, and click on the appropriate web link.  Both sites also provide detailed instructions on how to prepare your resume; along with a sample resume you can use as guidance.    Please ensure that you take a moment to review the information before preparing your resume and follow the instructions to complete and submit your resume.  Failure to do so could result in your resume being rejected.  For those who wish to mail their resume, send unfolded, in a 9.5” x 12” or larger envelope, to:



Washington Headquarters Services

Human Resource Services Center

Polk Building,
2521 South Clark Street, Suite 3000

Arlington, VA  22202





For those individuals who submit their resume via the HRSC web site or e-mail, you will receive immediate notification of receipt via return e-mail.  Those choosing to mail their resumes will be notified in writing, within two weeks of receipt and disposition of their resume.  Applicants can also use the Check Receipts? feature on our web page to verify receipt of your resume.  In order to use the Check Receipts? feature you must first create a PIN number.  New users will need to click on New Application Account Members; then complete the information.  For those who already have a PIN number established, click on Existing Application Account Members.  If you should happen to forget your PIN number you can contact the Webmaster at or call 703-604-6219.





Go to  


You may  view the entire job announcement by clicking on the highlighted Job Number located to the left of your screen.  You have the option of applying directly for the vacancy by clicking on “Apply for this job online”, which is located  below Job Opportunity Announcement.  The HRSC also participates in other recruitment activities (i.e., college recruiting, job fairs).  Another source you may use for employment opportunities is USAJOBS, which can be accessed via the Office of Personnel Management’s web site .  Once in OPM’s USAJOBS Homepage follow the instructions on this page to search for jobs or create a resume.







1.        I have several years of experience.  How long should my resume be?


Answer:  Your resume should be no longer than 3 pages (plus the separate page for supplemental information).  You can combine some timeframes into one and elaborate on the related specialized experience that you have.  Keep in mind, your resume should reflect the position you are interested in obtaining.  To that end, only relevant experience should be included in your resume. 


2.        How many resumes can I submit?


Answer:  You can submit as many resumes as you wish; however, only one is kept on file in the system at one given time. 


3.        I need to make changes to an existing resume that I have on file with the HRSC.  How can I do this?


Answer:  Go to  Make any necessary changes, then click on Submit.


4.        I’m unable to access the HRSC Home Page.  What can I do?


Answer:  If access denial is due to a server problem you will receive a message that the page is currently not available.  If you do not receive a message it could be because of problems with your system.  You can also call the Employment Information Center at 703-604-6219 for assistance, or have a copy of the vacancy faxed to you by calling 866-205-4975.


5.        My resume was returned to me annotated “Reject”.  What can I do?


Answer:  For those who submitted a resume, but failed to follow HRSC guidelines for resume preparation, will receive a Reject notification that annotates the discrepancy with the resume (i.e., Bold Lettering, failed to annotate social security number, lack of supplemental information).  It is the responsibility of the applicant to resubmit a new resume.


6.        I’m not sure that I’m entitled to Veterans Preference.  How can I tell that I am entitled, and if so, what preference would I annotate on my resume?


Answer:  Helpful information regarding veterans preference can be found in the VetGuide.  You can  access the VetGuide by going to the Office of Personnel Management’s web site  This guide also provides information regarding the Veterans’ Recruitment Appointment (formerly known as the Veterans Readjustment Act) and the Veterans’ Employment Opportunities Act (VEOA).


7.        I’m a disabled individual who is interested in federal employment.  Where can I find information regarding how to apply?  Am I required to provide any written documents?


Answer:  To obtain information regarding employment opportunities and qualifying documentation you can visit the HRSC Home Page at  Click on Special Employment Programs located to the left of the screen.  Then click on Programs for People with Disabilities.  The Office of Personnel Management also has a web site that provides information regarding employment opportunities for People with Disabilities.


8.    I already have a resume on file with the HRSC.  There is a job announcement that I see I wish to apply

for.  What do I need to do?


Answer:  Go to the HRSC Home Page, click on Self-Nomination Cert.  Complete the required information, then submit.  


9.    I haven’t applied for a vacancy in over a year; is my resume still active? 


Answer:  Use the Check Receipt? or Edit Resume functions on our web page at to verify that your resume is still active.  NOTE:  For all applicants who are not part of our serviced workforce – resumes that have been inactive for one year (i.e., no self-nominations for vacancy announcements) will be deleted from the database.  Submission of a new resume is required to be considered for future employment opportunities.




The DO & DON’T List for Preparing a Resume



The information listed below is provided to assist you in the preparation and submission of your resume.  Please take a moment to review before beginning your resume.





Instructions:  Read and follow job kit instructions carefully before creating the resume.


Resume Length:  Limit your resume to three (3) pages (plus a separate page for the supplemental information).


Resume Preparation:  Type your resume, ensuring that it is clear and legible.  Typewriters and word processors may be used.  Describe your experience with specific words rather than vague descriptions.  Be specific when naming the computer software or types of equipment, etc., with which you have experience (i.e., Microsoft Word, Lotus 1-2-3, Excel, Unix, Oracle, computer-assisted design equipment, etc.).  Be sure to proofread for any errors in spelling and punctuation.


Type Fonts:  Courier (10 to 12 point); Times New Roman, etc., in 12 point


Paper Size:  8.5” x 11” white bond paper printed on one side only – a minimum margin of one (1) inch on all sides of your printed resume


Ink:  black ink


Resume Format:  Resume should start off with Summary of Skills.  A summary of job-related skills should be listed at the beginning of your resume after your name, address, and phone number.  In the experience portion of your resume, describe in detail how these skills are/were used.  NOTE:  When sending a hardcopy of your resume remember to type your name and social security number in the top left corner of each page of your resume.


Section Headings:  Use boldface and/or all capital letters as long as the letters do not touch each other.


Printers:  Provide a laser printed original if possible.  Avoid dot matrix printers, bubble jet printers, and low quality copies.





Resume Format:  Do not use vertical or horizontal lines, graphics, or boxes.  Do not use two-column format or resumes that look like newspapers.  Do not use fancy treatments such as italics, underlining, shadows, or bullets.  Do not use acronyms or abbreviations (except for those that are well established and commonly understood).  Do not use color paper (use only white paper in size specified in DO category shown above).


Faxed Resumes:  Will not be accepted; nor will resumes that are submitted as an attachment to an E-mail.


Submit only the documentation requested in the job announcement.  Do not staple, fold, bind or punch holes in your resume.  NOTE:  Resumes or any supporting documentation submitted will not be returned.