The Resource Center maintains a database of information on articles, documents and organizations on issues relating to minority health. You are viewing this page in this format because your browser is not java-enabled and/or you cannot view images. Please call our Resource Center at 1-800-444-6472 and ask to speak to one of our information specialists who can perform a database search for the information you wish to receive.
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We have revised our database search method by combining our Health Materials information into one search page. Records are updated and entered on a daily basis. You can perform various database searches including:

Organizations Database: The Organizations Database contains information about minority health organizations. These include federal information centers and clearinghouses, state and local health departments, national organizations, research centers, health clinics and professional associations. Select your organization format from the pull-down menu below. To refine your results, use our search options listed below.

Document Database: The Document Database contains listings of over 1400 publications. These include books, government reports, bibliographies, directories, pamphlets, journals, magazines, and fact sheets. Entries include short abstracts and information about the publication. Select your document format from the pull down menu. To augment your document search, choose a subject you wish to browse from the subject drop-down options below.

  • Listed documents need to be obtained directly from the publisher or other organizations. For each title, information about who to contact can be found under either "Contact" or "Availability" on your extended search results page.

Tips on Searching:

For keyword searching, type Boolean operators (& / !) between items in a box to represent and, or, and not. For example, cars&boats finds records only if they contain both words (cars and boats). cars/boats finds records that contain either word (cars or boats). cars!boats finds records about cars but not boats. The "wildcard" operator (*) can also be used ( example: diab* will find all words beginning with "diab" such as diabetes, or diabetic ).






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