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NASA's Observatorium -- Planet Earth

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Illustrating NASA's efforts to understand how the Earth is changing and how human beings influence, and are influenced by, these changes. One of NASA's most important planetary missions: Studying the Earth System.

BADGER: GIS for the San Francisco Bay Area

Earth -- The Ever-Changing Planet

El Niño

Flood: Just Doing My Job...

ForNet: Forest Management via the Internet

Hurricanes: A Fierce Force of Nature
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Hydrologic Cycle

Impact Craters

Landsat Data Sets

Million Man March


Plate Tectonics


TiSDat: Using Satellites in Agriculture

Tsunami: The Big Wave

Ubar: The Lost City

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Wind Chill


The Observatorium: A cooperative project among NASA's LTP, BDM International, and WVU.
Credits: The Observatorium team

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