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Reservoir Operations Study


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In May 2004, the TVA Board approved a new operating policy for the Tennessee River and tributary system. The new policy shifts the focus of operations on TVA-managed reservoirs from achieving specific pool elevations to managing the flow of water through the system. It also addresses public comments about the importance of drawing water from tributary storage reservoirs equitably. Read about what this will mean for the operation of your reservoir.

Reservoir Information

These pages track water levels on an hourly basis in TVA reservoirs, give water release schedules at the dams, and more. The information includes recent and predicted elevations at major cities along the Tennessee River and key locations below Pickwick Landing Dam. Read it all here.

image of environmental report2002-2003 Environmental Report

This report offers a look at TVA's environmental performance for the two-year period. It includes a Q&A with the TVA Board and covers TVA's successes and challenges in improving air and water quality, providing renewable energy sources, and protecting shoreline and wildlife resources. View it at Environmental Reports.

TVA Energy Services

For your business: Save money and increase energy efficiency through our energy services for business, industry, and large institutions. For a quick and easy energy audit, check out our Business Energy Center.

For your home: Manage your energy usage for efficiency and savings with energy services for the home. Also see our home energy audit and find helpful tips for renters as well as homeowners.

New Site Selection Tool

This new GIS site provides businesses and site selection consultants with information about available properties, office buildings, and land in the seven-state TVA region. Users can find a wealth of economic and demographic data as well as create and print maps at

Community Relations

TVA and its employees work for the betterment of Tennessee Valley communities by providing support for education, arts and culture, community service projects, and more. See the Community Relations site for information and application forms.

Corporate Real Estate Available

TVA has corporate real estate for sale or lease. Get details here.

Antenna Collocation

TVA transmission towers and other structures offer thousands of possibilities for locating telecommunications antennas throughout the region. Get information and submit an application here.


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Map of TVA Reservoirs and Power Plants

Our interactive map is your guide to the entire TVA power system, including fossil and nuclear plants, dams and reservoirs. You’ll find fascinating details on each facility and learn how they work together for the purposes of power supply, river management, and economic development.
TVA’s got a Web site just for kids! Learn about how TVA makes electricity, prevents floods, protects wildlife, and lots more. There’s a section for teachers, too. Take a look at


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Widows Creek Unit 3 Sets Record for TVA Coal-Fired Units
TVA Nuclear Plants Rank Among Most Efficient for 2003
Transmission Employees Achieve Three Million Safe Work-Hours
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