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Local Law Enforcement Block Grants Program

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Welcome to the Local Law Enforcement Block Grants Program

Please bookmark this site! This is the primary entry point for administering the Local Law Enforcement Block Grants (LLEBG) Program. Please login to review your existing LLEBG award(s) and/or apply for the FY 2004 Program.

If you are a first time user and your jurisdiction has not already created an account to use this on-line grants management system, please click on the "Create New User" button.

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Notice: Important Information for All LLEBG Grantees
Quarterly Financial Status Reports (SF269As) can now be submitted via the Internet!!! Click here for more information about the online SF269A.

Notice: New Requirements for FY 2004 LLEBG Process
DUNS Number
Every FY 2004 LLEBG applicant will be required to provide a DUNS (Data Universal Numbering System) number when submitting their application. You will not be able to submit a FY 2004 application without a DUNS number. Click here for information on how to get a DUNS number.

New & Revised Special Conditions
Special Condition #15 (#14 for Territories) has been revised. Please review carefully and if applicable, take the steps necessary to insure your jurisdiction's compliance.

Special Condition #4 is new this year. This Special Condition pertains to Lobbying and supercedes the current Lobbying Certification. The Lobbying Certification will be updated in future LLEBG funding cycles.

Notice: Legal Authority to Apply for LLEBG Funds
Please Note: Only the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your jurisdiction (i.e., Mayor, City Manager, County Commissioner, etc.), or the official Program Contact designated by the CEO, may apply for funding under LLEBG.

Only public officials have the ability to bind the jurisdiction legally to the terms of the LLEBG Program. A CEO may not delegate this responsibility to a non-public official or a public official outside his/her jurisdiction. A jurisdiction may use whatever assistance it deems appropriate to gather needed information for the completion of the LLEBG on-line application and payment acceptance processes; however, it may delegate only to a public official within the applicant jurisdiction the responsibility for actually completing the on-line processes. Any jurisdiction that violates these requirements will be subject to formal action, including nullification of the FY 2004 LLEBG application as well as eligibility for the future LLEBG funding cycles.

Privacy, Security, and Disclaimers / FOIA / Paperwork Reduction Act Notice

OMB #1121-0196 (Expires 11/30/2006)