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Download Database

You have the option of downloading the data used in the search and compare tools onto your computer. Please note that the downloadable databases are zipped Microsoft Access databases, for use primarily by health policy researchers and the media. In order to use the downloadable databases, you must have a working knowledge of Microsoft Access. You should not download the databases if you are simply trying to find out what is available in your area. You can do this by using the Search Tools as they are on the website.

If you wish to download this data, please realize that downloading may take some time (10-30 minutes, depending on the speed of your computer's modem). These databases are updated on a monthly basis (and sometimes more frequently).

Hardware and Software Requirements

To use this download file, you need at least the following:

Unzipping a Downloaded Database File

The database that can be downloaded is an Access 2000 database contained within a compressed, or "zipped," file. The database file can be extracted from the compressed file using either the WinZip or PKUNZIP utility. In the former case, open the compressed file using WinZip, select the file with the .MDB extension from the list of files displayed, choose the Extract command from the Actions menu, and then specify the directory where the extracted file is to be saved. In the latter case, open an MS-DOS window, go to the directory where the compressed file is saved, and execute the command

PKUNZIP "compressed name file" *.MDB

where "compressed name file" is the name of the compressed file saved on your disk drive. This case assumes that the executable PKUNZIP.exe is in a directory in your PATH statement.

The latest version of WinZip can be downloaded from

The latest version of PKZIP can be downloaded from

Which database would you like to download?

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