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Site Index
If you can’t find what you’re looking for, try the site index. It lists the contents of the TVA Web site by subject matter.

Simple Site Search
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Advanced Site Search
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Search Tips

Search Method
Specifies which keywords must be present in a matching document.The current options are

• Matches on all words (AND). This means that all of the search words must be in a document for it to be retrieved.

• Matches on any word (OR). This means that at least one of the search words must be in a document for it to be retrieved.

• Custom Boolean expression. This allows you to create a search string using and, or, not, and parentheses.

The default option is Matches on all words (AND).

Search Scope
Specifies the directories to be searched. The current options are

• The entire TVA site (

• About TVA (

• Power Matters (

• Rivers & Environment (

• Economic Development (

• Investor Information (

• News & Media (

The default option is the entire TVA site.

Sort Preference
Specifies the basis on which matching documents are sorted for display on the results page. The current options are

• Score. Ranked by score, with the highest shown first.

• Date. Ranked by revision date, with the latest shown first

• Title. Ranked alphabetically from A to Z

• Reverse score. Ranked by score, with the lowest first

• Reverse date. Ranked by date, with the oldest first

• Reverse title. Ranked alphabetically from Z toA.

The default option is Score.

Display Format
Specifies the amount of information displayed for each matching document on the results page.

• The standard format includes the document title, relative ranking, URL, revision date, file size, and KWIC (keyword in context, if within the first 50 Kb of the document).

• The brief format includes only the document title and relative rank.

The default option is Standard format.

Matches Per Page
Specifies the number of matching documents displayed per results page. The current options are 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, and 500. The default option is 10.





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