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Researchers Share Some of Your Research Findings With Us!




Institution, Business or University Affiliation: 

What Geoscience discipline is your research most closely related to?

Does NSF fund your research? yes  no  a portion of it

If so, what is the NSF Award Number?

Title of your Research Project:

Are you a PI  Co-PI  on this research project?

If you are a Co-PI, who is the PI and the institution in which they are affliated with?

Is this a jointly funded project? yes  no 

If so, with whom?

What do you feel are the most exciting findings or results of your research so far?

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Have you presented your findings to the research community? yes no

If yes, what type of feedback did you receive?

Have you published any of the results of your research? Where?

How do you feel your research will impact the future of the Geosciences?

May we highlight some of your research on our web site and if so,
are there any special conditions?

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Thank you for sharing your research findings. Your input will be very useful to us.