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Initiated in January 2003, the JAEBOB advises the Acquisition Governance Board (AGB) on joint deployment issues, software interfaces with other functional areas (e.g. Logistics), paper-free contracting and business strategies for Acquisition eBusiness. Additionally, the JAEBOB assists in Acquisition process definition and IT systems portfolio mangement.

JAEBOB Chairperson
· Deputy Director, DPAP (eBusiness), Mr. Mark Krzysko

JAEBOB Members and Designees
· DON - DASN Acquisition eBusiness Policy and Oversight Office, CDR Cindy Varner
· Army - SAALT, COL Theodore Harrison
· Air Force - SAF Aq, Mr. Dan Bowman
· Designees of the major Other Defense Agencies (ODA's)

AGB / JAEBOB Hierarchy

Current Scope
The JAEBOB's current scope of service involves the following:

  • Serve as the approval authority of functional requirements for the programs in the DoD Acquisition eBusiness portfolio
  • Serve as the recommending body for joint DoD requirements for programs in the Federal eGov portfolio
  • Resolve issues related to functional design requirements as recommended by the working level Joint Requirement Boards (JRBs)
  • Evaluate program cost, schedules, risk assessments, and program impacts prior to approving new or modified functional requirements
  • Interface between the working level JRBs and the eBusiness Acquisition Governance Board (AGB);
  • Approve new initiatives for the Acquisition eBusiness portfolio
  • Rationalize the DoD Acquisition eBusiness application portfolio identified via the Acquisition Process Model (APM )
  • Establish technical and functional working groups as necessary to complete functional assessments
  • Validate and refine BMMP Acquisition Domain work products

Accessibility Help and Information Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Research, Development and Acquisition)
1000 Navy Pentagon
Washington, DC 20350-1000

Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Acquisition Management, DASN (ACQ)
Director, Acquisition Career Management
Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Logistics, DASN (LOG)

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