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The Procurement and Assistance Data System (PADS) is the Department of Energy's central repository of contractual information for all unclassified procurement and financial assistance awards. The data found in PADS On-line have been specifically selected based on hundreds of information requests that flow through DOE each year. Not all of the PADS data are selected for display on PADS ON-LINE.

PADS Online is sponsored by the Office of Procurement and Assistance Management. If you have any questions concerning this data base, or require additional information about any of the awards listed in PADS Online, please send an email to paul.coombs@hq.doe.gov.

If you do not need to to read the instructions on how to use PADS Online, click on the following link and GO TO SEARCH PADS ON-LINE NOW!

The data used in PADS Online are for awards that are currently active; that is, they have not passed their completion/delivery date. Data include both procurement awards and financial assistance awards. They exclude interagency agreements, awards for procurements under $25,000, and inactive and retired awards. These data are downloaded daily from the Procurement and Assistance Data System (PADS).

PADS Online provides information on the name of the awardee, the award and completion dates, award value, current fiscal year funding (obligations), the type of business, and a brief description of work.

You are not required to enter any selection criteria. However, by default, the system will provide a complete listing of all active procurement and financial assistance awards, if no selection criteria are entered.

You may sort on Contractor Name, Contract Number, Total Award Value, Completion Date, and Award Date.

You can search PADS Online using the following data elements or combination of data elements:

    Contract Number (Please click the ? to obtain guidance on the Department of Energy's contract numbering schema. You must use the Search button located next to the Contract Number data field to search by Contract Number. You cannot search on Contract Number in combination with any other selection criteria.)

    Contractor Name (Keyword search)

    Description of Work (Keyword search)

    Award Date (Range; use mm/dd/yyyy date format)

    Completion Date (Range; use mm/dd/yyyy date format)

    State (Use drop-down menu)

    DOE Awarding Office (Use drop-down menu)

    Program Office (Use drop-down menu)

    Awards Funded During the Current Fiscal Year (Check this box if you are interested in viewing only a listing of active awards that have received funding in the current fiscal year, i.e. received obligations in the current fiscal year. If you do not select this, the system will provide you with a listing of all active awards, including those which did not receive any funding in the current fiscal year.)

    Procurement/Financial Assistance Options (Please note: You can only select one of these at a time.)

      Both Procurement and Financial Assistance Awards (This is the default setting. If you do not enter any other selection criteria, the system will provide you with a listing of all active procurement and financial assistance awards.)

      Procurement - All

      Procurement - Small Business - All

      Procurement - Small Business - 8(a) and Small Disadvantaged Business Only

      Procurement - Large Business Only

      Procurement - Facilities Management Contracts Only

      Financial Assistance - All

      Financial Assistance - All Grants

      Financial Assistance - Project Grants Only

      Financial Assistance - Formula Grants Only

      Financial Assistance - Cooperative Agreements Only

    Procurement Areas of Expertise (This is the Product/Service Code)

    Financial Assistance Areas of Expertise (This is the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance code)

    Please Note: The numbers next to the values in State, DOE Awarding Office, Program Office, Procurement Areas of Expertise and Financial Assistance Area of Expertise indicate the number of awards associated with each value in the table. This information can help you determine the number of awards in each category.