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NIH Director's Pioneer Award
Conflict of Interest Guidelines

Conflict of Interest Guidelines for Evaluators of the
NIH Director's Pioneer Award Nominations/Applications

The biomedical research community has responded with great enthusiasm (and greater than anticipated numbers) to the 2004 announcement of the new NIH Director's Pioneer Award. It is very important that those of you who have agreed to serve as part of the evaluation and selection process for these awards avoid any real or perceived conflicts of interest associated with your activities.

To help you decide whether you are in conflict, we have dev eloped the set of guidelines described below. If you feel that you are in conflict as an evaluator, either in Phase I (initial screening of nominees) or in Phase II (evaluation of invited applicants), please contact pioneer@nih.gov as soon as possible.

  • No nominees for the award should serve as evaluators.
  • Nominators are able to participate in Phase I screening of nominees. They will not be assigned to screen any nominee whom they have nominated.

  • Nominators should not evaluate applicants (Phase II) if their nominee has been invited to apply for the award.

  • Individuals whose spouses, partners, or other immediate family members have been nominated should not serve as evaluators.

  • If a scientific collaborator, close departmental colleague or friend or a faculty member in the institution at which you serve as a part or full time administrator has been nominated, it is permissible to serve as an evaluator, although not for those specific individuals.

Most importantly, if for any reason, you have any discomfort or concern about a real or perceived conflict of interest, please notify pioneer@nih.gov and excuse yourself from any activity that you feel may not be appropriate or that you may not be able to conduct in an absolutely fair, objective manner.

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