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Welcome to the Ginnie Mae Issuers' home page.

For more than 30 years, Ginnie Mae has been an incredible success story, highlighting the power of the federal government and the private sector working together. Over the years, Ginnie Mae has guaranteed more than $2 trillion in mortgage-backed securities, providing home financing for more than 28 million Americans. And because we understand that finding a home doesn't always mean buying a home, we have helped millions more find affordable rental housing.

And we're just getting started.

As the only mortgage-backed securities in the market to carry the full faith and credit guaranty of the United States government, Ginnie Mae securities are enjoying unprecedented demand and continue to perform well.

Ginnie Mae issuers benefit from knowing that a liquid market is always available for loans originated through the Federal Housing Association (FHA), the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the Rural Housing Service (RHS) and Public and Indian Housing (PIH) — and investors benefit from the knowledge that an investment in Ginnie Mae securities is among the safest in the world.

Ginnie Mae recently undertook a number of policy changes to improve the way it does business. These improvements include the first fundamental change in the mortgage-backed securities program in its history. Our loan documentation streamlining should save the industry more than $30 million annually.

Everyone within the Office of Mortgage-Backed Securities is personally committed to the highest standards of customer support. Please contact us if you have any questions — about our process, our securities or our organization. We look forward to working with you.


Theodore B. Foster
Vice President
Office of Mortgage-Backed Securities


"Over the last two years, Ginnie Mae has made significant strides in making it easier to do business with them"

    - Rick Wilson, Executive Vice President, Countrywide Home Loans.


"Ginnie Mae is one of our key business partners. Ginnie Mae is proactive and aggressive in seeking our input on how to make their programs better. Ginnie Mae listens to us and we have influenced some of their decisions. Ginnie Mae considers us to be a key business partner"

    - David Jansen, President, Charter Bank.


"Many of Doral's assets are tax-exempt Ginnie Maes. Where else in the U.S. can you get a triple-A-rated investment, fully guaranteed by the federal government, at a tax-free rate of 5.5 percent"

    - Solomon Levis, Chief Executive Officer, Doral Financial Corporation.

Important Pool Dates

The Office of Mortgage-Backed Securities.

With approximately $474 billion of MBS outstanding and more than $2 trillion of cumulative issuance, Ginnie Mae's MBS program has been a significant contributor to the growth of the secondary mortgage market in the United States.

Ginnie Mae: Cumulative Total Graph

Investors trust Ginnie Maes, and as a result, the market is large and highly liquid. That means our issuers can roll over capital almost as soon as a qualifying pool of FHA, VA, RHS or PIH single-family mortgages, or FHA multi-family mortgages is settled.

Ginnie Mae issuers also realize a steady income stream from mortgage servicing fees, and know exactly what their spread will be from the outset. Of course, issuers have to qualify and abide by certain rules. Ginnie Mae provides ample online training for new issuers (and for new employees of existing issuers). To learn more about how to become a Ginnie Mae issuer, click here.


Issuers pool eligible mortgage loans and securitize these pools into Ginnie Mae I MBS or Ginnie Mae II MBS. Unlike others in the market, Ginnie Mae does not buy or sell these pools of loans or issue MBS.

Instead, Ginnie Mae makes issuers' mortgage-backed securities more attractive to investors by guaranteeing the timely payment of interest and principal on those securities. Our guaranty is the only one in the market to enjoy the full faith and credit of the United States government — and we are the only player in the business to guarantee the timely payment of interest and principal.

Breakout of Ginnie Mae Issuers by Institution Type Pie Chart

In order to make our business as user-friendly as possible, Ginnie Mae provides a wide range of training materials and continuously updated information to issuers. For more information on issuer responsibilities and requirements, or to learn how to become a Ginnie Mae issuer, click here.

If you are a current Ginnie Mae single-family issuer, and wish to contact your account representative, click here.

If you are a current Ginnie Mae multifamily issuer, and wish to contact your account representative, click here.



Ginnie Mae securities are attractive for three critical reasons:

  1. SAFETY - The Ginnie Mae guaranty assures investors that their investments are safe and that they will receive timely principal and interest payments on their investments. The Ginnie Mae guaranty is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government.
  2. LIQUIDITY - Ginnie Mae securities are part of an active and well-established secondary market. Since 1970, the year that the first Ginnie Mae mortgage-backed security was issued, more than $2.0 trillion worth of Ginnie Mae securities have been issued and approximately $474 billion remain outstanding. Because Ginnie Mae securities are among the most widely held and traded mortgage-backed securities in the world, they can easily be purchased and sold.
  3. YIELD - Ginnie Mae securities offer an attractive yield. Historically, Ginnie Mae securities have delivered a yield ranging from one-half to more than one full percentage point higher than securities of comparable maturities.

Our main mission is to help increase affordable housing throughout the nation. Balancing both our main mission and our financial responsibilities is a task that we at Ginnie Mae take very seriously.

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