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Starfish wiggling its arms Tidepool Math A curriculum for K-8 and High School that teaches basic math and science principles through the eyes of a tidepool. Beautiful flashcards, photos of scientists collecting data, and teacher curriculum can be downloaded from this site.
Ocean Energy booklet cover Ocean Energy activities include: Exploring Oil Seeps, Drilling for Oil in the Ocean, Exploring Currents, Exploring Wave Energy, and Exploring Wind Energy.
(PDF file 1.7MB)
The Ocean's Sand, A Natural Resource booklet cover The Ocean's Sand, A Natural Resource What is Sand and Gravel and why do we need it for our beaches? (PDF file 0.9MB)
Energy Ant! Learn along with Energy Ant about different types of energy.
Energy through an Electric Plug Saving Energy at Home.  10 easy steps to save energy ... and save money!
NEED - National Energy Education Development Great information for teachers and kids about energy.
Historic Ship Historic Shipwrecks in the Gulf of Mexico
Historic Shipwrecks of the Gulf of Mexico, A Teacher's Resource
Ocean Beach Did You Know? Find out what sea water is made of.
School Books Information on Available Educational Material PDF file

FirstGov for Kids

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