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USGS Mendenhall Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program


The Mendenhall Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program. The Mendenhall Program provides an opportunity for postdoctoral fellows to conduct concentrated research in association with selected members of the USGS professional staff, often as a final element to their formal career preparation. The Program is also intended to provide research experiences that enhance their personal scientific stature and credentials. The Mendenhall Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program is envisioned to bring current expertise in the earth sciences to assist in the implementation of the USGS Strategic Plan and the science strategy of its programs (for example,

Mendenhall Fellows are appointed to the USGS for two years and receive full salary and benefits at the GS-12 level. The 2004 base salary for a GS-12 is $58,665. This amount might be higher depending on the amount of locality pay for the geographic area of the assignment (for example, $65,706 for Menlo Park, Calif.; $61,712 for Denver, Colo.; and $60,638 for Reston, Va.). A 4.1 percent pay raise is estimated for 2005. The appropriate personnel office can provide the exact salary for other areas.


Appointments will begin between October 2005 and March 2006, depending on availability of funds.


In order to be considered for these opportunities, candidates must:
  1. have successfully completed a Ph.D. in an area described in the Research Opportunity. The Ph.D. degree requirements must have been met no earlier than December 1, 1999, and must be completed by the time employment starts (no later than March 2006);

  2. meet the qualification requirements described in the Research Opportunity.

The Federal Government gives strong priority to U.S. citizens and nationals, but for these two-year excepted service positions, noncitizens may be considered under certain circumstances. Detailed information regarding the criteria for hiring noncitizens is available through the U.S. Office of Personnel Management's website at (If you cannot access this section, please try the following URL: contact the appropriate regional Personnel Office for questions about eligibility and further assistance.

Foreign Education. Education completed in foreign colleges or universities may be used to meet the requirements if acceptable documentation that the foreign education is comparable to that received in an accredited educational institution in the United States is provided. It is the applicant's responsibility to provide such evidence when applying in order to be considered for these opportunities. Click here for additional information on acceptable documentation:


When to Apply. The application closing date is December 1, 2004.

How to Apply. Applicants are to submit the following for each individual Research Opportunity for which they are applying.


  1. Resume. Please ensure that the resume includes:
    1. the number and title of the Research Opportunity;
    2. how the applicant became aware of the Mendenhall Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program;
    3. Social Security Number;
    4. country of citizenship;
    5. veterans preference (if applicable);
    6. names of colleges and universities attended;
    7. type of degrees earned and the years they were received;
    8. the names, phone numbers, and contact information of three references; and
    9. an e-mail address at which the applicant can be reached.

  2. Educational Transcripts (proof of successful completion of education must be provided);

  3. Foreign Education Documentation (if necessary);

  4. Supporting Veterans Preference Documentation (if necessary);

  5. Research Proposal. Each research proposal should be a maximum length of eight standard pages and should contain:
    1. research objective;
    2. links to USGS science strategy;
    3. how and where research is to be conducted;
    4. name of Research Advisor(s) -- the Research Advisors are listed in the description of the research opportunities;
    5. required scientific facilities; and
    6. anticipated operating expenses -- for fieldwork, access to specialized equipment, conference travel, publications, etc.

      The Research Proposal is an important part of the application package, and we strongly encourage applicants to coordinate the development of the Proposal with the appropriate Research Advisor.


  1. We strongly encourage completion and submission of Form DI-1935 with the application package. This information is needed to determine if our recruitment efforts are reaching all segments of the country, as required by Federal law. This is vital information not available from any other source. Voluntary responses are treated in a highly confidential manner. They are not released to the Research Advisor, to the selecting official, to anyone else who can affect the application, or to the public. This form is found at:

    NOTE: In Box No. 1 (Vacancy Announcement No.), applicants should write "USGS Mendenhall Opportunity" and the number (or numbers) of the opportunity (or opportunities) for which they are applying.

For More Information: For information regarding the Research Opportunity, please contact the appropriate Research Advisor. For information regarding the recruitment process or the status of an application, please contact the appropriate Personnel Office contact.

Application Material Submission:

USGS highly encourages the electronic submission of your application. All materials should be submitted in PDF format via email to Please use "OPPORTUNITY #XX-LAST NAME, FIRST NAME" as your subject line in order to ensure that your application materials will be received and processed correctly.

PDF conversion tools are readily available via the Internet. Some examples can be accessed at the following sites:

Disclaimer: Hypertext links and other references to non-USGS products and services are provided for information only and do not constitute endorsement or warranty, express or implied, by the USGS, DOI, or U.S. Government, as to their suitability, content, usefulness, functioning, completeness, or accuracy.

In addition, documents that do not easily lend themselves to conversion may be faxed to (703) 935-0238. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure the successful conveyance of the application package. Application packages must be received by 12:00 midnight (U.S. Eastern Standard Time) on the closing date of the announcement. It is against the law to submit applications for employment using Government paid postage envelopes or mail services (18 USC 1719). Such application packages will not be considered. Application material will not be returned.


The Personnel Office will provide the hiring official with application material for review and consideration. The Research Advisor and/or hiring official will review the application material and contact candidates for interviews as needed. A subject matter expert panel will be convened. If an applicant is chosen for an opportunity and meets the qualification requirements, the Personnel Office will contact the applicant and make a firm job offer.

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