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TV Public Service Announcement

Three people dressed in Uncle Sam suits.
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Below are links to view's new public service announcement, "Uncle Sams." This video has been sent to local TV stations across the country to help promote the benefits of to the American public.

To view the clip, click on one of the links below, based on your desired format. All clips are 60 seconds:


Apple Quicktime
(Includes Captions)
(3.73 mb)

Real Media
(1.71 mb)

If you don't have one of these programs, you may click on one of the icons below to download a free plug-in and view them in your Internet browser:

Get Windows Media PlayerGet the QuickTime Media Player
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Please see our Press Room, for more information about FirstGov's outreach efforts.

"Uncle Sams" Script

Below is the complete script of the "Uncle Sams" video clip:

Open on three Uncle Sams in an elevator. Cut to a bustling office. People are hard at work on computers and telephones. Everyone is dressed like Uncle Sam.

Guy Sam: Whistling "I'm A Yankee Doodle Dandy."

Cut to a male Uncle Sam at a computer. Over his shoulder, we see him load information onto the website. He jumps up from his desk and lights a sparkler.

Voice Over: This is, where we're obsessed with getting you government information.

Sam: Brand new student loan applications on the site, baby. This calls for a celebration. Who's your uncle?

In an office, we see an older male Sam interviewing a young Sam. He brags.

Sam: in the end, it was either take the astronaut gig or come work here. What can I say? Duty called.

Cut to lunch room. One Sam reaches for a coffee cup. It is marked "Sam."

Sam: Dude, that's my cup.

Other Sam: Oh, sorry.

Sam: No, I'm pretty sure that's Sam's cup. No. Sam's. No...

Voice Over: Just log on or e-mail us and get what you need.

Cut to the office kitchen. It is a working lunch. Employees play a version of the "alphabet game" while they eat lunch.

Sam: ...C...Change of address form. That's how it's done.

Sam: ...D...Driver's license renewal.

Sam: ...E...E (struggling)... Uh. E-mailing social security information.

Sam: ...okay...

Sam: ...Nice. We'll allow it.

Sam: ...All right... F...

Cut to Sams standing at a copy machine.

Sam: What are those?

Sam: Government surplus cars for auction.

Sam: You posted those online last time.

Sam: No, you did.

We see them wrestling on the ground.

Sam: I'm posting them online this time!


Voice Over: For all of your government information...


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