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National Institute of Justice - The Research, Development, and Evaluation Agency of the U.S. Department of Justice   NIJ
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(All phone numbers have area code 202 unless otherwise indicated.)

Sarah V. Hart, Director
National Institute of Justice
810 Seventh St., NW
Washington, DC 20531

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NIJ: 307-2942
NIJ Director's Office FAX: 307-6394
NCJRS: 301-519-5500, 1-800-851-3420
OJP Online Research Information Center: 307-6742


Office of the Director | Office of Research and Evaluation
Office of Science and Technology

Office of the Director
Sarah V. Hart Director 307-2942
Glenn R. Schmitt Deputy Director 307-2942
Lynn Penn Executive Assistant to the Director 305-2065
Planning and Management Division
Doug Horner Chief 514-3928
Diane Rice Supervisor of Administration 616-7609
Amanda LoCicero Budget and Grants Management Analyst 305-9009
Peggy Hasker NIJ Receptionist 307-2942
Joyce Harris-Johnson Secretary (Contractor) 353-7189
Communications Division
Gerald Soucy Chief 616-3808
Jolene Hernon Publications Manager 307-1464
Daniel Tompkins Senior Writer/Editor, Web Content Manager 514-6275
Judy Reardon Writer/Editor 514-6284
Doris Wells Writer/Editor 305-9080
Nathan Koble Publications Coordinator (Contractor) 305-1671
Kara Parker NCJRS/NIJ Coordinator (Contractor) 305-9215
James Fort Supervisor, ORIC (Contractor) 305-4792
David Fialkoff Editor (Contractor) 353-1972
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Office of Research and Evaluation
Thomas E. Feucht Acting Assistant Director for Research and Evaluation 307-2949
Edwin Zedlewski Acting Deputy Assistant Director for Research and Evaluation 307-2953
Cheryl Crawford Watson Senior Advisor 514-6210
Jake Horowitz Social Science Analyst 307-0695
Lani Gleaves Secretary 616-1890
Grants Management
Sherran Thomas Grants Management Officer 616-4577
Tamara Ross Program Operations Specialist 514-9176
Louise Loften Program Operations Specialist 307-2965
Margaret Battle Grant Administrative Specialist 616-1847
Evaluation Division
Betty Chemers Chief 307-3677
Winifred Reed Senior Social Science Analyst 307-2952
Patrick Clark Senior Social Science Analyst 353-9482
Cornelia Sorensen Social Science Analyst 305-9776
Lani Gleaves Secretary 616-1890
Justice Systems Research Division
Christopher A. Innes Chief 307-2955
Marlene Beckman Senior Program Analyst 616-3562
Laurie Bright Senior Social Science Analyst 616-3624
Janice Munsterman Senior Social Science Analyst 616-4648
Andrew Goldberg Social Science Analyst 307-1135
Marilyn Moses Social Science Analyst 514-6205
Cathy Girouard Social Science Analyst 353-2944
Gerald Gaes Senior Advisor (Contractor) 305-7939
Tammy Holley Secretary 514-2012
Violence and Victimization Research Division
Angela Moore Parmley Acting Chief 307-0145
Bernie Auchter Senior Social Science Analyst 307-0154
Leora Rosen Senior Social Science Analyst 616-2452
Catherine McNamee Social Science Analyst 514-7936
Nicole Gaskin-Laniyan Social Science Analyst 353-7294
Carrie Mulford Social Science Analyst 307-2959
Jennifer Gibbs Research Assistant 514-6390
Jocelyn Fontaine Research Assistant 305-8655
Addie Wimbush Secretary 616-3256
Drugs and Crime and International Research Division
Jay Albanese Acting Chief 616-1960
Christine Crossland Senior Social Science Analyst 616-5166
Natalie Lu Drug Testing Specialist, ADAM 616-5209
Sandra Woerle Social Science Analyst 616-9030
Jennifer Schrock Donnelly Social Science Analyst 514-6235
Tammy Holley Secretary 514-2012
Crime Control and Prevention Research Division
Bryan Vila Chief 307-2951
Maggie Heisler Senior Social Science Analyst 616-3452
Lois Mock Senior Social Science Analyst 307-0693
Brett Chapman Social Science Analyst 514-2187
Akiva Liberman Social Science Analyst 514-4919
Debra Stoe Social Science Analyst 616-7036
Ron Wilson GIS Specialist (Contractor) 305-8711
Katie Filbert Webmaster, MAPS (Contractor) 305-7530
Addie Wimbush Secretary 616-3256

Office of Science and Technology
John Morgan Assistant Director for Science and Technology 305-0995
Donna Richards Secretary 616-4782
Technology Management
Rhonda Jones Program Executive, Technology Management 616-3233
Audrey Blankenship Grant Administrative Specialist 616-3675
Lee Mockensturm Program Manager 305-4220
Portia Graham Program Operations Specialist 307-2964
Dionne Mitchell Program Operations Specialist 305-9003
Jacqueline Postell Technical Program Support Analyst (Contractor) 305-2344
Natalan Zachary Program Management Specialist (Contractor) 616-2607
Stacey Johnson Financial Specialist (Contractor) 307-6622
Francis Myers Program Analyst (Contractor) 305-1871
Technology Assistance Division
Marc Caplan Chief 307-2956
Mike O'Shea Program Manager-NLECTC 305-7954
James Williams Program Manager-NLECTC 305-9078
Deborah Meader Technical Program Analyst (Contractor) 305-2601
Patricia Kashtan Forensic Analyst (Contractor) 353-1856
James Wong Visiting Scientist (Contractor) 305-2703
Research & Technology Development Division
Stanley Erickson Chief 305-4686
Chris Miles Senior Program Manager, Sensors, Face Recognition, Image Analysis 616-1110
Joe Cecconi Senior Program Manager, Less-Than-Lethal Technologies 305-7959
Steve Schuetz Program Manager, Learning Technology Tools, Voice Translation, School Safety Technologies 305-8697
Amon Young Program Manager, Vehicle Stopping, Less-Than-Lethal Technologies 514-4338
Jonathan Hahn Technical Program Support Analyst (Contractor) 616-5121
Joyce Gammelmo Technical Program Analyst (Contractor)
Lisa Vronch Technical Program Analyst (Contractor)
Hyuk Byun Program Executive, Communications and Information Technology 616-1471
Martin Novak Program Manager, Communications and Information Technologies, Electronic Crime 616-0630
Ed Kelly Senior Advisor, Electronic Crime (detailee) 616-3509
Torrea Breckenridge Program Support (Contractor) 514-3570
Lauri Velotta Webmaster (CommTech) (Contractor) 514-0686
Physical Security Research
Chris Tillery Senior Program Manager 305-9829
Mitzi Williams Senior Technical Program Analyst (Contractor) 616-0102
Jonathan Hunter Technical Program Support Analyst (Contractor) 305-3301
Information Technology
Joseph Heaps Senior Technology Program Assistant (Visiting Scientist) 305-1554
David Clopton Technical Program Analyst (Contractor) 616-3838
Guy Meader Technical Program Analyst (Contractor) 305-3301
Investigative and Forensic Sciences Division
Susan Narveson Acting Chief 305-4884
Lois A. Tully Deputy Chief 307-0694
John Behun Senior Program Manager, DNA Backlog Reduction Program (Detailee) 616-9794
Brenda Korte Program Manager, General Forensics Research & Development, CLIP 616-4365
Melissa Taylor Program Analyst (Contractor) 616-5527
Nick Viggiani Forensic Policy Analyst (Contractor) 307-5847
Janelle Buchanan Forensic Analyst (Contractor) 307-0650
Thurston Bryant Research Analyst (Contractor) 514-8082
MacKenzie Robertson Research Analyst (Contractor) 307-3210
Stacia L. Jackson Technical Writer(Contractor) 305-9076
For further information on NIJ, its publications and research grant opportunities, visit http://askncjrs.ncjrs.org , or contact NIJ through the National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS): 

National Criminal Justice Reference Service
P.O. Box 6000
Rockville, Maryland 20849-6000
800-851-3420 or 301-519-5500