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Mission Statement

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The mission of the Office is to identify the impact of energy policies on minorities, minority businesses and minority institutions; to promote equal opportunity in employment and contracting at DOE and DOE's major facility contractors; and to assure that small businesses receive a fair and equitable share of Departmental contracts and subcontracts.

ED's goal is to manage diversity in DOE's human capital and financial resources by increasing hiring, retention, internships, mentoring, contracting and other developmental programs.  ED has mission supporting goals and objectives that include:

  becoming the leader among federal agencies in managing diversity of DOE's human capital;
  providing equitable opportunities for small, minority and women-owned businesses to compete for contracts and subcontracts,
  promoting collaborative efforts with educational institutions, federal agencies and community based organizations,
  conducting research to determine the effects of national energy programs, policies and regulations on the minority community at large,
  execute acquisition strategies to utilize small business and/or 8(a) firms to achieve efficient and effective competition between federally performed functions and private resources, and
  special emphasis programs which increases cultural awareness by working together to recognize the ethnic and diverse qualities of our multi-cultural workforce.
Blue Dividing Line

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