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Vol. 4, History of Indian-White Relations | Vol. 5, Arctic | Vol. 6, Subarctic | Vol. 7, Northwest Coast
Vol. 8, California | Vol. 9, Southwest | Vol. 10, Southwest | Vol. 11, Great Basin
Vol. 12, Plateau | Vol. 13, Plains | Volume 14, Southeast | Vol. 15, Northeast | Vol. 17, Languages

Handbook of
North American Indians

A 20-volume encyclopedia summarizing knowledge about all Native peoples north of Mesoamerica, including cultures, languages, history, prehistory, and human biology. Standard reference work for anthropologists, historians, students, and the general reader. Chapters by the main authorities on each topic. Area volumes include separate chapters on all tribes. Heavily illustrated, extensive bibliographies, well indexed. Each volume may be purchased and used independently.

-William C. Sturtevant
General Editor

Public Response on the Handbook of North American Indians:

“Every volume has provided comprehensive coverage by the major authorities...along with a definitive bibliography of the most important materials.... This series is the place to start for background material on anything relating to American Indians.”
Philip J. Granfeld, Ethnohistory
“...absolutely essential to the study of the Indian people and their relations with non-Indians.... There are excellent photographs and maps for the general reader and, for the scholar, an excellent bibliography and index.”
David T. McNab, Canadian Historical Review
"Promises to be...an absolutely indispensable research tool that ought to be on the shelves of every public and private library."
Claude Levi-Strauss, L'Homme
"The overall standards of information,
illustration, and bibliography are admirable."
Alden T. Vaughan, Pacific Historical Review
"We have found the book[s] invaluable to the furthering of Native American education and as background information for our students and teachers."
Native American Programs, Fremont Unified
School District, California

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Coming Soon!
Volume 14, Southeast

Volume Editor
Published in 2004

The Southeast Indians were sophisticated farmers, hunters, gatherers, and fishers occupying a diverse region extending from the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Southern Appalachians, the Carolina Piedmont, the Atlantic and Gulf coastal plains, Florida, and west of the mountains to the rich valley of the southern Mississippi River. The complexity and uniqueness of the Southeast culture area is detailed in 64 chapters written by 63 leading authorities, both anthropologists and historians. Separate chapters describe and illustrate the culture of each major tribe and tribal group, their history, transformation, and evolution over time. Regional and subregional overviews frame these and summarize the long prehistory of the area. Special topic chapters examine broad aspects of culture that characterize the Southeast and cross-cut tribal lines. Introductory chapters explore the history of research in the area, languages spoken, and environment, and synthesize information on many small groups inadequately described in the historical literature. 508 illustrations--maps, drawings, paintings, engravings, photographs. Essays on sources, extensive bibliography, detailed index.

Clothbound, 8-1/2 x 11 inches, 1,042 pages.

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Florida Seminole, 1852. Smithsonian, NAA.
Florida Seminole, 1852. Smithsonian, NAA.

Smithsonian logo.

Volumes Currently Available:

Vol. 4, History of Indian-White Relations

Wilcomb E. Washburn, Vol. Ed. 838 pp. 57 chapters on the history of Indian-White relations in the U.S. and Canada following 1492. 1988.

  • S/N 047-000-00406-3
  • Price: $62.00
Cherokee warriors in London, 1762. Smithsonian, NAA.
Cherokee warriors in London, 1762. Smithsonian, NAA.

Vol. 5, Arctic

David Damas, Vol. Ed. 845 pp. 60 chapters on Eskimo, Inuit, Aleut of U.S., Canada, Greenland, Russia. 1984.

  • S/N 047-000-00398-9
  • Price: $63.00

Vol. 6, Subarctic

June Helm, Vol. Ed. 837 pp. 66 chapters on Indians from interior Alaska to Labrador. 1981.

  • S/N 047-000-00374-1
  • Price: $62.00
Territory Map.
Territory Map.

Vol. 7, Northwest Coast

Wayne Suttles, Vol. Ed. 796 pp. 58 chapters on Indians of the coasts of southeastern Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon. 1990.

  • S/N 047-000-00408-0
  • Price: $62.00

Vol. 8, California

Robert F. Heizer, Vol. Ed. 816 pp. 72 chapters on Indians of California. 1978.

  • S/N 047-000-00347-4
  • Price: $62.00
Choctaw, 1909. Smithsonian, NAA.
Choctaw, 1909.
Smithsonian, NAA.

Vol. 9, Southwest

Alfonso Ortiz, Vol. Ed. 717 pp. 59 chapters on Puebloan peoples and prehistory of southwestern U.S. and northern Mexico. 1979.

  • S/N 047-000-00361-0
  • Price: $59.50

Vol. 10, Southwest

Alfonso Ortiz, Vol. Ed. 884 pp. 56 chapters on non-Puebloan peoples and on economy, social organization, and rituals of southwestern U.S. and northern Mexico. 1983.

  • S/N 047-000-00390-3
  • Price: $63.00
Creek stickball game, Photograph by Dayna Bowker Lee, 1992.
Creek stickball game, Photograph by
Dayna Bowker Lee, 1992.

Vol. 11, Great Basin

Warren L. d'Azevedo, Vol. Ed. 868 pp. 45 chapters on Indians of Utah, Nevada, and portions of adjoining states. 1986.

  • S/N 047-000-00401-2
  • Price: $63.00

Vol. 12, Plateau

Deward E. Walker, Jr., Vol. Ed. 808 pp. 41 chapters on Indians of southeastern British Columbia, eastern Washington, northeast and central Oregon, northern Idaho, western Montana, and a small portion of northern California. 1998.

  • S/N 047-000-00412-8
  • Price: $67.00

Vol. 13, Plains

Raymond J. DeMallie, Vol. Ed. 1,376 pp. 67 chapters on the Indians of the prairie and high plains of U.S. and Canada. The volume consists of 2 parts, separately bound. 2001.

  • S/N 047-000-00414-4
  • Price: $106.00

Coming Soon! Volume 14, Southeast

Raymond D. Fogelson, Vol. Ed. 1,042 pp. 64 chapters on Indians from Florida and the southern Appalachians and the Carolina Piedmont to the southern Mississippi River Valley. 2004.

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Vol. 15, Northeast

Bruce G. Trigger, Vol. Ed. 924 pp. 73 chapters on Indians from Virginia to Saint Lawrence River, Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, Illinois. 1978.

  • S/N 047-000-00351-2
  • Price: $64.00

Vol. 17, Languages

Ives Goddard, Vol. Ed. 957 pp. 27 chapters on native languages of North America spoken by American Indians, Eskimos, and Aleuts. Fold-out, color map. 1996.

  • S/N 047-000-00411-0
  • Price: $89.50

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