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USGS Mendenhall Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program


Overview. For Fiscal Year 2006, 30 Research Opportunities are being advertised (positions are to be filled depending on the availability of funds). The research field, proposed duty station, and Research Advisor(s) are listed below for each Research Opportunity, along with detailed descriptions, what qualifications are required, and the appropriate Personnel Office contact.

Role of Research Advisors. Research Advisors are appointed for each Mendenhall Fellowship position to direct project work. The Advisors are USGS scientists with whom the Mendenhall Fellows would work most closely. They will also be involved with reviewing application packages and interviewing candidates. Applicants are encouraged to contact the Research Advisor(s) listed in the opportunity for further information regarding the Research Opportunity and are strongly urged to coordinate the development of their research proposals with the Research Advisor(s).

Role of Personnel Contacts. The Personnel Office listed in the opportunity will receive application materials, review the backgrounds of the final candidates to make sure they are qualified for the opportunities, forward them to the Research Advisors and hiring official for consideration, and make official job offers. The Personnel Office is also available to provide information regarding the recruitment process and the status of applications.

Opportunity Number Field of Research Proposed Duty Station Research Advisor(s)
1 Geophysics Applications to Southern Appalachian tectonics Reston, VA Dave Daniels, Art Schultz, and Scott Southworth
2 Unraveling Complex Organic Mixtures in the Environment: Applications in Fossil Fuel Geochemistry, Surface and Ground Water Contamination, Ecosystems, and Human Health Reston, VA Robert C. Burruss, William Orem, and Robert Eganhouse
3 New Approach to Geologic Assurance of Coal Resource Estimates Reston, VA James A. Luppens
4 Sources of Atmospheric Mercury and Trace Metal Deposition Reston, VA Allan Kolker and David Krabbenhoft
5 Geologic Controls on Hydrocarbon Resources in Fractured Ordovician Carbonate Strata, and Implications for Future National Energy Supply Reston, VA Christopher Swezey and John Repetski
6 Sea-Level Variations over the Past 5000 Years Woods Hole, MA Rob Thieler and John Bratton
7 Applying Geoinformatics to the Construction of Coastal Knowledge Systems Woods Hole, MA, and/or St. Petersburg, FL and/or Reston, VA Deborah R. Hutchinson, Barbara S. Poore, and T. Douglas Beard
8 Holocene Climate Variability from Gulf of Mexico Marine Sediments St. Petersburg, FL Richard Z. Poore and Terry Quinn (University of South Florida)
9 Application of Sequence Stratigraphy to Delineate Heterogeneous Ground-Water Flow in Karstic Platform Carbonates St. Petersburg, FL or Miami, FL Gene Shinn and Kevin J. Cunningham
10 Lidar Remote Sensing Investigation of Coastal Forest Structure, Hydrology, and Ecology St. Petersburg, FL John C. Brock and Thomas J. Smith III
11 Real-Time Prediction Of Hurricane-Induced Coastal Change Hazards St. Petersburg, FL Asbury Sallenger
12 Abrupt Climate Change: Causes due to Glacial Lake Discharge in the Northeastern U.S. Reston, VA Thomas M. Cronin and Byron D. Stone
13 Impact-Related Processes: ICDP-USGS Deep Corehole in the Central Crater of the Chesapeake Bay Impact Structure Reston, VA Gregory Gohn, Wright Horton, David Powars, and Ward Sanford
14 The Economic Effects Of Volcanic-Ash Hazards On Aviation Reston, VA Marianne Guffanti
15 Complete Solution of the Earthquake Rupture and Ground Motion Problem Golden, CO Steve Hartzell and Arthur D. Frankel
16 Research and Development of a Real-time System to Estimate Human Impact and Ground-Shaking Intensity for Significant Earthquakes on a Global Scale Denver, CO Paul Earle and David Wald
17 Seismic Hazard Investigations and Quaternary Geochronology in the Inter-Mountain West Denver, CO Anthony Crone, Michael Machette, and Stephen Personius
18 Geochemical, Hydrologic, and Modeling Methods for Resolving Natural and Anthropogenic Sources of Metals from Weathering of Mineral Deposits Denver, CO Richard Wanty, Briant Kimball, Philip Verplanck, Robert Runkel, Ian Ridley, and Paul Lamothe
19 Establishment of Gridded Data Sets for Global Change and Biological Conservation Studies Denver, CO Robert S. Thompson, Thomas R. Loveland, and Sarah L. Shafer
20 Integrating Sediment Dynamics and Ecosystem Processes in Coastal Environments Menlo Park, CA Guy Gelfenbaum, Peter Ruggiero, Jon Warrick, Jessica Lacy, Eric Grossman, and Charles Simenstad (University of Washington)
21 Modeling Transport And Sedimentation Processes In Watersheds And Coastal Regions Menlo Park, CA or Santa Cruz, CA Dan Hanes, Dave Rubin, Marlene Noble, and Jingping Xu
22 Ultra High-Resolution and High Frequency Change-Detection of Beach Face and Coastal Sea-Cliffs Santa Cruz, CA and Menlo Park, CA Robert Kayen
23 Development of Quantitative Methods for Assessment of the Natural Hazard Vulnerability of the U.S. Coastal Zone Santa Cruz, CA Tom Parsons, Bruce Richmond, and Dan Hanes
24 Liquefaction Hazard Mapping Menlo Park, CA Thomas L. Holzer, Arthur D. Frankel, and Jonathan C. Matti
25 An Induced Earthquake Experiment in Deep Gold Mines - Natural Earthquake Laboratory in South African Mines Menlo Park, CA Malcolm Johnston, Art McGarr, Colin Williams, and David Lockner
26 Studying Slow Earthquakes in Cascadia with Borehole Strainmeter Data Vancouver, WA Evelyn Roeloffs and Seth Moran
27 Advanced Assessment of Earthquake and Volcano Hazards by Numerical Modeling of Large InSAR Data Sets Menlo Park, CA or Vancouver, WA or Sioux Falls, SD Chuck Wicks, Dan Dzurisin, Zhong Lu, and Wayne Thatcher
28 Quantitative Forecasting of Debris-Flow and Debris-Avalanche Hazards Vancouver, WA or Menlo Park, CA Richard Iverson, Roger Denlinger, and Mark Reid
29 Quantitative Structural Analysis of the Seattle Fault Menlo Park, CA Rick Blakely, Ralph Haugerud, Ray Wells, Tom Brocher, and Tom Pratt
30 Linking Cenozoic Uplift and Basin Development to the Formation of Mineral, Energy, and Water Resources in the Northern Great Basin Menlo Park, CA or Reno, NV David John, Keith Howard, Alan Wallace, and Tom Moore

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