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Use and Samples

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Minority Health and the Office of HIV/AIDS Policy strongly encourage organizations and individuals to consider holding an event at the local level, writing a letter to the editor, or otherwise engaging their community in observing HIV/AIDS Awareness Days.

This tool kit contains a number of resources that will assist you in planning and implementing the different HIV/AIDS Awareness Day observance activities at the local level. Please note that these are only ideas. All activities should be tailored to meet the specific needs of your own community. This information is provided only as a means to facilitate activities. It is impossible for us to cover all potential issues that could be addressed. You know your community best, and you know what messages it most needs to hear.

We urge you to use these opportunities as a local outreach opportunity. Share with others what you have learned so that they may benefit from your expertise and caring. Please let others know about this toolkit, and consider holding joint activities in your community. Thank you.

Possible Activities
Media Advisory: Purpose and Sample
Interview Advisory: Purpose and Sample
Post-Event Follow Up

Public Service Announcements and Videos*

Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are effective media tools designed to raise awareness or build public support for issues and events. Secretary Tommy Thompson and other leading Federal health officials and community leaders have recorded 30-second messages about the devastating impact of HIV/AIDS and the important steps necessary to fight this disease. These messages are available in MP3 format.

Contact your local radio stations and direct them to this Web site to download and broadcast any of these PSAs, or listen to them yourself. Place the cursor on the file you want, then right-click and use the "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" command. You'll need a media player that can handle MP3 files to listen, which you can get free over the Internet.

Radio stations unable to download MP3 files can obtain an audio CD by contacting Ms. Michelle Taylor, at 301-657-4254 ext. 206 for assistance.

*Unless otherwise noted, the listing below refer to PSAs.

HIV/AIDS and the United States

HIV/AIDS and Hispanics

New Information for Latino AIDS Awareness Day, October 15th!

HHS is proud to announce the release of a new public service campaign titled PAREMOS EL VIH. EMPIEZA TÚ. The campaign contains five radio spots and two television spots specifically developed and created in Spanish for Hispanic audiences. The messages are designed to heighten awareness of the epidemic among Hispanics and highlight the importance of HIV testing.

All spots encourage viewers to call the National AIDS Spanish-language Hotline (1-800-344-7432) for more information about where to get tested for HIV and how to avoid infection. These PSAs deliver sound science-based information that is crucial in helping Hispanics make informed choices about how to reduce their risk of HIV infection.

HIV/AIDS and African Americans

HIV Testing

HIV/AIDS and American Indian/Alaska Natives Community

HIV/AIDS and the Asian and Pacific Islander Community
  • Gem Daus, Director of Policy, Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum

Additional PSAs offered by the CDC


The Latino Commission on AIDS has created beautiful materials for NLADD. Please visit

Call 1-800-444-6472 to speak to an information specialist about HIV/AIDS Observance Days.
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