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Ginnie Mae's Multiclass Participants Memoranda (MPM) can be downloaded in Portable Document Format (PDF) from this page. Click here for instructions on using PDF.


2004 Ginnie Mae Multiclass Participants Memoranda

04-06 Modification of Policy Regarding Computation of Closing WALs and Requirements for Publication of Supplemental Statements - Dated October 7, 2004.(PDF)

04-05 Modification of Policy Regarding Non-Sticky Jump and Sticky Jump Classes - Dated August 13, 2004.(PDF)

04-04 Collateral Stipulation Rules for Ginnie Mae SMBS Transactions - Dated July 9, 2004.(PDF)

04-03 Ginnie Mae Stripped Mortgage Backed Securities Program - Dated July 9, 2004.(PDF)

04-02 Ginnie Mae Office Move - Dated June 23, 2004.(PDF)

04-01 Announcement of Ginnie Mae Platinum Fee Reduction - Dated April 16, 2004.(PDF)


2003 Ginnie Mae Multiclass Participants Memoranda

03-05 Modification of Policy Regarding Increased Minimum Denomination Classes - Dated May 13, 2003.(PDF)

03-04 Modification of Policy regarding Increased Minimum Denomination Classes - Dated April 28, 2003.(PDF)

03-03 Ginnie Mae Launches Multiclass Securities e-Access Web Page - Dated March 13, 2003.(PDF)

03-02 Changes to GNMA II Program - Dated January 10, 2003.(PDF)

03-01 Streamlining Ginnie Mae Platinum Issuance Process - Dated January 8, 2003.(PDF)


2002 Ginnie Mae Multiclass Participants Memoranda

02-01 Modification of Accretion Directed (AD) Securities Definition - Dated August 5, 2002.(PDF)

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