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June 30, 2003
The Department of Defense completed today its nearly three-year investigation of operational tests conducted in the 1960s. These tests were known to some as "Project SHAD," which was in fact a subset of "Project 112." Project 112 tests were conducted under the auspices of the Deseret Test Center, at Fort Douglas, Utah. Investigators have been able to confirm that the Deseret Test Center planned 134 operational tests; 50 are confirmed to have been conducted and 84 were canceled.

December 31, 2002
The Deseret Test Center test known as "High Low" was among the most recent fact sheets released in October 2002. Soon after the release, DoD received important phone calls from concerned veterans who thought the reported test dates were in error.

December 9, 2002
On December 9, 2002 the Department of Defense released a detailed fact sheet on a Cold War-era chemical and biological warfare test conducted in support of Project 112. The test was labeled "Cliff Rose."

October 31, 2002
The Department of Defense today released five new detailed fact sheets on Cold War-era chemical and biological warfare tests conducted in support of Project 112. With the publication of this information, DoD has released 45 fact sheets for 41 of 46 tests known to have been conducted by the Deseret Test Center.

October 9, 2002
The Department of Defense released another 28 SHAD fact sheets on 27 Cold War-era chemical and biological warfare tests. Additionally, the status of the other SHAD tests has been updated, and a list of ships associated with SHAD has been added.

September 11, 2002
The SHAD tests additions are 68-53 and 70-D. In addition, Big Jack now has Phases A and B, and Elk Hunt has Phases I and II.

August 13, 2002
Project SHAD, an acronym for Shipboard Hazard and Defense, was part of a larger effort called Project 112, which was conducted during the 1960s. Project SHAD encompassed tests designed to identify US warships' vulnerabilities to attacks with chemical or biological warfare agents and to develop procedures to respond to such attacks while maintaining a war-fighting capability.