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Formal and Mathematical Foundations

Division of Computing & Communication Foundations (CCF)

A new solicitation is under development.


John H. Cozzens, Program Director

Ding-Zhu Du, Program Director

Robert B. Grafton, Program Director

Venugopal Veeravalli, Program Director

Haesun Park, Program Director


The FMF cluster seeks to determine inherent limits of computation and communication, and to obtain optimal solutions within those limits. It addresses fundamental issues of information science and technology, both within computation and communications and at the interface between these and other disciplines. Thus the cluster is broadly concerned with problems of information processing that fall within the extremes of purely theoretical studies and applications within disciplines. Research and education projects sponsored by the cluster bring advanced capabilities from computer science, scientific computing, communication theory, signal processing theory, mathematics, and application areas to bear on fundamental problems throughout science and engineering.

NSF Document: NSF 04-520


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