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TEKTRAN summaries on the Internet are "snapshots in time" -- published or soon-to-be-published articles -- of recent research results from the Agricultural Research Service (ARS), the U.S. Department of Agriculture's chief scientific research agency.

TEKTRAN summaries forecast the future of food, nutrition, and food safety; crops and livestock; natural resources and sustainable systems; industrial products; and new and emerging technology. The summaries also contain breaking news in biology, chemistry, and other sciences that support the research on the Nation's food and fiber system.

We update TEKTRAN regularly -- adding summaries of new articles accepted for publication and removing summaries after five years. We exclude some summaries until the articles appear in the publications or to protect potential patents.


TEKTRAN helps the food and fiber research, education, and business communities to locate new research findings prior to their printed distribution and to identify fruitful areas of collaboration with scientists.

In addition to interpretive and technical summaries, TEKTRAN contains scientists' contact information and additional links to their respective research projects and other publication submissions. You may use the authors' contact information to convey your interest in their research.

How to Obtain Articles Appearing in TEKTRAN

TEKTRAN summaries are available when the articles have been accepted for publication. When the articles are published, the publication dates are added to TEKTRAN. At this point, you can contact either a local library to get a copy of the article or the researcher to request a reprint.

Food and Agricultural Information for Kids

Kids intrigued by the food and agricultural sciences or involved in science fair projects should investigate an alternative to TEKTRAN–the Agricultural Research Service's Science for Kids (Sci4Kids) Web site. It is interactive and provides creative ideas and assistance for 8 to 13 year olds.

Additional Assistance

For technical information or assistance on the research, contact the authors. For help with general food and agricultural sciences questions, contact the National Agricultural Library's Reference Service Desk.

For assistance in searching TEKTRAN or to report system problems, contact the National Agricultural Library's Technology Transfer Information Center.

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