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FastLane Site Map

FastLane Features

Below is information about FastLane's available features.

Electronic Business

Proposal Review
Persons reviewing NSF proposals can submit ratings and comments using this application. The reviewer uses a special review PIN (specific to that proposal) to access a template that can be used to "copy and paste" reviewer comments and to record other required information. Go to Proposal Review

Panel Review System
This function allows panelists to prepare and submit the reviews for the group of proposal assigned to their panel. NSF will provide the panelist with the panel ID and panelist password needed to access the system. Panelists may submit each review individually or may save the review (for later revision) and submit all reviews as a group. Go to Panel Review

Panel Travel/EFT
This function allows panelists to submit their travel plans and their electronic funds transfer (EFT/banking information). When travel information is submitted, it is forwarded to Sato (NSF's contracted travel agency) for handling. When the EFT information is submitted, it is transferred to the NSF financial management system for use in making payments to the panelists. NSF will provide the panelist with the panel ID and panelist password needed to access the system. Go to Panel Travel/EFT

Medal of Science
Both nominations for recipients of the Medal of Science and Letters of Support can be created and submitted using this application. Check the application for the deadline. Go to Medal of Science

Graduate Research Fellowships
Persons wishing to apply for NSF Graduate Research Fellowships can use this application to create and submit the required forms. Letters of Reference can also be created and submitted through this application. The deadline for submission is in November. Check the application for the exact date. Go to Graduate Research Fellowships

Postdoctoral Fellowships
Applicants for the various NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship programs use this function to prepare and submit their applications. Requirements and deadlines for the fellowships vary from program to program. Letters of reference and support are supported in this function as well. Go to Postdoctoral Fellowships

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Registered Organization Applications:
PI/CO PI Functions

Proposal Preparation
The PI can prepare all required NSF standard proposal forms using this option. FastLane has smart forms capability that pulls in all individual and organizational information available in the NSF database thereby minimizing the amount of information that must be typed in. When the proposal is completed, the PI clicks on the Allow SRO Access button. The Sponsored Research Office (SRO) or equivalent then submits the proposal after putting it through the organization's regular approval process. FastLane provides checks for completeness and other information edits. The forms may be viewed and/or printed prior to submission. Instructions | Go to Proposal Preparation

Proposal Status
This feature provides NSF grant applicants (PIs) with information concerning the receipt and status of the proposals they submit. FastLane provides information about the status of that proposal including the proposal title, the date NSF received the proposal, the NSF program name, and the assigned Program Officer. FastLane also provides dates of final program approval, as well as the identification of overdue reports and other factors that might be delaying the proposal process. Go to Proposal Status

Project Reports System
NSF grants require the submission of a Final Project Report within 90 days of the expiration of the grant. The PI creates and submits the Final Project Report using a report template. Both the project summary and technical information can be prepared with a word processor and then "copied and pasted" into the report. Annual Reports and Intermin Reports are also entered into this system. Go to Project Reports System

Notifications & Requests
The PI can create a number of standard NSF request and notification forms and then forward them to the SRO for submission. Go to Notifications & Requests

Continuation Funding
The PI can check the status of the funding of his/her award. Go to Continuation Funding

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Registered Organization Applications:
Research Administration Functions

Research Administration
Using this application the SRO can assign passwords to PIs, create reports concerning the organization's proposals and awards, submit notifications and requests to NSF, and submit proposals, revised proposal budgets, and supplements to NSF. Instructions | Go to Research Administration

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Registered Organization Applications:
Financial Functions

Financial Functions Overview
Financial Functions are for filing quarterly financial reports, making cash draw downs, and changing EFT information.

Authorization to use financial functions is obtained through a two-step process. First, whoever has the power within Research Administration to grant FastLane permissions needs to grant permission to someone to be Financial Administrator. Second, the person who has been designated Financial Administrator then needs to login to Research Administration, click on Financial Administration, and go thru the process of assigning various financial permissions to one or more users.

The homepage link for logging on is now Financial Functions. Whereas before FastLane financial users accessed financial functions by logging on with Organization ID and a password assigned to the organization as a whole, now financial users will sign on same way that proposal writers and research administrators do --- providing last name, social security number, and a 6-20 character password. This password is the same as would be used for accessing Proposal Preparation or Research Administration. Once the user logs on, the financial applications to which the user has permission will appear on the resulting financial applications menu. If the user belongs to more than one organization, then the user will first be prompted to choose which organization to work on.

For more information on the new logon procedures and how to try them out in the FastLane DEMO environment, go to the Financial Login and EFT Update Procedures page.

For instructions on how to assign User Permissions, go to the Unified Financial Login User Guide.

Federal Cash Transactions Report (FCTR)
Financial Administration offices use the Federal Cash Transaction Report to submit their quarterly reports to NSF. The report may be downloaded as a spreadsheet so that it can be worked on "offline." When complete, the report is uploaded back to FastLane and then submitted to NSF.

Cash Request
Organizations with NSF awards can request cash against those awards. The whole process is paperless. Instructions

Cash Request History
This may be used to view in time sequence all the cash requests that have been made for a particular organization.

Grantee EFT Update
An authorized individual may establish or update the Electronic Funds Transfer information necessary for cash to be wired directly to the organization's account.

Grantee EFT History
An authorized individual may view the log of all changes made to the organization's Electronic Funds Transfer information.

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Related Information

NSF Award Search
This feature allows users to query the NSF database by State, Organization, NSF Program, and fiscal year within each category. FastLane also provides lists of recent awards by week. This feature is available to the public. Go to NSF Award Search

Change Password
The Change Password option gives FastLane users the ability to change their password online. See the Password Guidelines section for information on valid passwords. Go to Change Password

Password Reset
If you forgot your password, and if you are not a Financial Administrator or Financial Functions user, then the Password Reset application gives you the option to reset the password automatically. It sends the new password to your NSF registered email address. This new password must then be changed the next time you log in to FastLane. See the Password Guidelines section for information on valid passwords. Go to Password Reset

If you are a Financial Administrator or Financial Functions user, then your password may only be reset by someone in your Sponsored Research Office who has the authority to reset Fastlane passwords

Password Guidelines
  • Must be between 6 and 20 characters.
  • Must contain at least one alphabetic and one numeric character.
  • Passwords are not case sensitive.
  • Your last three passwords cannot be re-used.
  • Passwords expire every 365 days for non-financial users, every 120 days for financial users.

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