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Partnering Opportunities

The Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) program is the primary tool linking government and industry researchers. This program, authorized under the Federal Technology Transfer Act of 1986, allows federal laboratories and businesses to form partnerships that help move new technologies to the marketplace. ARS scientists and companies work together to conduct research consistent with the agency's mission. A CRADA allows the company the first right to negotiate an exclusive license to inventions emerging under the agreement. Cooperative research helps foster American businesses and enhances global and domestic competitiveness.

ARS has seven-geographically based Technology Transfer Coordinators who negotiate CRADA agreements. Contact one of them for more information.


Partnering Opportunities
item Partnering Opportunities
item Prescription Crop Management
item Protecting Swine from E. coli Diseases
item Synthetic Chemicals for Controlling Insect Behavior
item Technology for Developing Artificial Insect Diets
item Virtual Fence Technology for Managing Livestock
item Biological Control of Honeybee Varroa Mites
item Caffeine as a Repellent for Slugs and Snails
item Engineering Flowers for Commercial Use
item Enzyme-Based Technology to Reduce Environmental Pollution
item GPFARM - Cropping and Livestock Systems Simulation Software
item Improved Intestinal Bacteria to Enhance Animal Production
item Low-Cost Modified Citrus Peel for Industrial Applications
item Method to Control Dry Rot and Sprouting in Stored Potatoes
item Method to Diagnose and Improve Poultry Health
item New Uses for Grain Sorghum

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