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Available from The Superintendent of Documents

Emergency Response Publications

Washington, DC – These U.S. Government publications can help you prepare for emergencies.

First Response | Travel Emergencies | Medical Emergencies
Emergency Guidelines and Training | Subscriptions

First Response

Aid for Decontamination of Fire and Rescue Service Protective Clothing and Equipment After Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Exposures

Cover Aid for Decontamination of Fire and Rescue Service Protective Clothing and Equipment After Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Exposures.Sponsored in part by Federal Emergency Management Agency and United States Fire Administration. Provides information for decontamination of personal protective equipment after exposure to chemical or biological agents or radiological materials during rescue attempts associated with an attack by weapons of mass destruction. 2002: 108 p. and 8 index dividers; ill.

  • S/N: 003-003-03752-4
  • Price: $23.00 (Out of Stock)

ATF Vehicle Bomb Explosion Hazard and Evacuation Distance Tables

Cover ATF Vehicle Bomb Explosion Hazard and Evacuation Distance Tables.This pocket-sized publication lists the maximum explosives capacity, lethal air blast range, minimum evacuation distance, and falling glass hazard distance for a variety of car and truck sizes. Sold in packages of 10. Laminated card. 1999. il.

  • S/N: 048-012-00113-9
  • Price: $2.00 (Out of Stock)

Best Practices for Seizing Electronic Evidence

Cover Best Practices for Seizing Electronic Evidence.Provides a basic understanding of key procedural, technical and legal factors regarding searching and seizing computers, security systems, and electronic storage devices and media of all kinds, as well as how to trace Internet e-mail. Sold in packages of 3.

  • S/N: 008-047-00410-9
  • Price: $14.50 (Out of Stock)

Bomb Threats and Physical Security Planning

This practical guide provides information on preparing for the threat of violence, via explosives, in public and private buildings. Addresses security against bomb incidents, response to bomb threats, evaluation and decision-making in bomb-related situations, and proper evacuation procedures. Includes the form "ATF Bomb Threat Checklist." 1995. 28 p.

  • S/N: 048-012-00103-1
  • Price: $1.50 (Out of Stock)

BombThreat Standoff Card

Describes terrorist bomb threats by: threat description, explosives capacity, building evacuation distance, and outdoor evacuation distance. Sold in packages of 10.

  • S/N: 064-000-00028-4
  • Price: $4.00 Add To Cart

Chemical Hazards Response Information System: Hazardous Chemical Data Manual

Provides information needed for decision-making by responsible Coast Guard personnel in emergencies that occur during the waterborne transport of hazardous chemicals. Issued in loose-leaf form with a spine label that reads: CHRIS. 1999: 2890 p.; loose-leaf.

  • S/N: 050-012-00406-4
  • Price: $109.00 (Out of Stock)

Emergency Response Guidebook, 2000: A Guidebook for First Responders During the Initial Phase of a Dangerous Goods/ Hazardous Materials Incident

Cover Emergency Response Guidebook, 2000.Describes the potential dangers of various types of hazardous materials, and discusses the appropriate emergency actions to take when arriving at the scene of an accident involving such materials. This pocket-sized publication includes indices of hazardous materials by identification number and by chemical name, and includes a table of initial isolation and protective action distances. 2000. 384 p. il.

  • S/N: 050-000-00575-5
  • Price: $20.00 (Out of Stock)

Emergency Response to Hazardous Material Incidents

Cover Emergency Response to Hazardous Material Incidents.Intended for HazMat personnel and emergency response teams (firefighters, police officers, and EMS personnel), this guide provides the information and skills needed to recognize, evaluate, and control an incident involving the release or potential release of hazardous materials. Loose-leaf to fit into binder. 1999. 774 p. il.

  • S/N: 055-000-00618-1
  • Price: $69.50 Add To Cart

Emergency Response to Terrorism: Job Aid, May 2000

Cover Emergency Response to Terrorism.Recommended for all emergency personnel, this guidebook enables the first responder to properly assess, identify potential terrorist incidents, and provides strategical and tactical options for taking action. Includes a glossary containing specific terms, concepts, and abbreviations used in identifying various acts of terrorism. 2000. 86 p.

  • S/N: 064-000-00027-6
  • Price: $11.00 (Out of Stock)

Field Operations Guide for Disaster Assessment and Response

Contains information on general responsibilities for disaster responders, formats and reference material for assessing and reporting on populations at risk, Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) position descriptions and duty checklists, sample tracking and accounting forms, descriptions of Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) stockpile commodities, general information related to disaster activities, information on working with the military in the field, and glossary of acronyms and terms used by OFDA and other organizations with which OFDA works. 1998: 374 p.

  • S/N: 001-001-00665-3
  • Price: $35.00 (Out of Stock)

NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards

Cover NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards.Intended as a source of general industrial hygiene information for workers, employers, and occupational health professionals. Presents key information and data in abbreviated tabular form for 677 chemicals or substance groupings that are found in the work environment. Third printing of the 1997 edition. Revised in January 2003 with minor changes. 2003: 463 p.

  • S/N: 017-033-00496-0
  • Price: $28.00 (Out of Stock)

NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards and Other Databases, 2002 (CD-ROM)

Intended as a source of general industrial hygiene information for workers, employers, and occupational health professionals. Contains: Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health Concentrations; International Chemical Safety Cards; NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods; NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards; OSHA Sampling & Analytical Methods; Recommendations for Chemical Protective Clothing; Specific Medical Tests Published for OSHA Regulated Substances; Toxicologic Review of Selected Chemicals; and the 2000 Emergency Response Guidebook. 2002: CD-ROM in paper case.

  • S/N: 017-033-00495-1
  • Price: $22.00 Add To Cart

Vehicle Inspection Checklist

A 128 page guide for determining various indicators of suspect hidden Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) on a range of vehicle types, recognition of typical representative IED types, and has a training section for recognition of explosives and IED types. It is printed on waterproof paper, spiral bound, and suitable for field use. Available in print and CD-ROM.

Damage and Injury Distance Card Set

Prepared especially for police, fire departments, and other security professionals. Provides quick estimates on the effects of a bomb on a structure and personnel within the structure. Consists of a set of cards illustrating damage and injury predictions for various types of explosive devices and charge weights. Includes a chart on window breakage effects, and points of contact for structural hardening experts in seven Federal agencies. Sold in packages of 5 copies only.

Small Watercraft Inspection Guide (SWIG)

Provides guidelines to security personnel assigned the responsibility of assessing and inspecting watercraft for the presence of explosive or other threats. The information presented is to be applied in conjunction with previous training, experience, and standard procedures and policies.

Structural Window Vulnerability Assessment and Design Software

This CD-ROM includes two new vulnerability assessment and design software packages (WINDAS, Window Design and Analysis Software and HAZL, Window Fragment Hazard Level Analysis) for use by government agencies and their contractors that may be involved with vulnerability assessments of building structures with respect to a terrorist bomb threat. WINDAS is a database query program for the existing data on glass response to blast loads, containing a graphical British Hazard Guide calculator for predicting window debris hazard levels to personnel from blast events.  HAZL software calculates window response and personnel hazard, using a Single Degree of Freedom model for window response up to failure and a debris transport model for predicting fragment trajectory.

Note: Customers ordering the Vehicle Inspection Checklist, Damage Injury Card Set, Small Watercraft Inspection Guide, or the Structural Window Vulnerability Assessment and Design Software are required to follow these directions for authorization.

First send an e-mail request for the quantity desired to pubs@tswg.gov and include publication title, quantity, contact name, organization name, mailing address, and phone number. Security contractors must also provide similar sponsoring agency information and agency contact information. Confirmation of the order will be approved via e-mail with an approval number. The document can then be ordered from GPO, with an order form accompanied by a copy of the confirmation e-mail and approval number.

  • Vehicle Inspection Checklist
    S/N 008-001-00157-6 $138.00/ Sold in packages of 10 only
  • Vehicle Inspection Checklist CD-ROM
    S/N 008-001-00160-6 $23.00
  • Damage and Injury Distance Card Set
    S/N 008-000-00838-8 $49.00/ Sold in packages of 5 only
  • Small Watercraft Inspection Guide (SWIG)
    S/N: 008-001-00159-2 $8.50
  • Structural Window Vulnerability Assessment and Design Software
    S/N: 008-001-00158-4 $20.00

Travel Emergencies

Airport Emergency Plan

Cover Airport Emergency Plan.Provides guidance to airport operators in developing and implementing an airport emergency plan. Recommended by the Federal Aviation Administration 1999. 219 p. il
  • S/N: 050-007-01278-1
  • Price: $26.50 (Out of Stock)

Airworthiness Inspector’s Handbook, Ch. 15

Designed to meet the needs of new inspectors entering the FAA workforce as well as inspectors with many years of experience. FAA Order 8300.10. Issued in loose-leaf form. Transportation Dept., Federal Aviation 2002: 216 p.

  • S/N: 050-007-01344-2
  • Price: $33.50 Add To Cart

Personal Security for the American Business Traveler Overseas

BOOK. 1998. Provides specific security guidelines for Americans who travel abroad on business. 20 p. il.

  • S/N: 044-000-02513-2
  • Price: $2.25 Add To Cart

Safe Trip Abroad, 2002

Cover Safe Trip Abroad.Publication measures 9 X 4 inches and provides international travelers with information they should understand before departure. Includes sections entitled: Before You Go; Things to Arrange Before You Go; Precautions to Take While Traveling; Assistance Abroad; and Planning Another Trip. 2002: 20 p.

  • S/N: 044-000-02560-4
  • Price: $2.75 Add To Cart

Tips for Women Traveling Alone

Cover Tips for Women Traveling Alone.Provides general information for women who plan to travel abroad alone. Over the past years, there has been an increase in number of American women traveling alone overseas either for business or pleasure. Each country and culture has their own views of what is appropriate behavior for women, and understanding the laws and customs of the place you are traveling can help your trip be a safe one. 2002: 6 p.; ill.

  • S/N: 044-000-02566-3
  • Price: $2.75 Add To Cart

Medical Emergencies

Emergency Medical Care: A Manual for the Paramedic in the Field, Workbook

Accompanies “Emergency Medical Care, A Manual for Paramedics in the Field.” Aids in learning and reviewing the information in the EMC manual. 1983. 52 p. il.

  • S/N: 050-003-00432-4
  • Price: $9.00 (Out of Stock)

EMS: Emergency Medical Services, Agenda for the Future, Implementation Guide

Examines Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in the United States over the last three decades. Proposes the integration of EMS with health care providers and public health and safety agencies to provide community-based health management systems. 1999. 118 p.

  • S/N: 050-003-00475-8
  • Price: $15.00 Add To Cart

Emergency Medical Services (EMS): First Responder Refresher, National Standard Curriculum

Cover Emergency Medical Services (EMS).Includes modules on preparatory, airway, patient assessment, circulation, illness and injury, childbirth and children, and EMS operations. Loose-leaf to fit into a binder. 1996. 262 p. il.

  • S/N: 050-003-00473-1
  • Price: $32.00 Add To Cart

EMS Instructor Training Program: National Standard Curriculum Instructor Guide

Focuses on the skills necessary to successfully teach any of the Department of Transportationís NHTSA EMS courses. Utilizes modern curriculum development and adult education principles. 1996: 826 p.; ill. loose-leaf. revised ed.

  • S/N: 050-003-00467-7
  • Price: $63.00 Add To Cart

Emergency Medical Services (EMS): Public Information Education and Relations (PIER), National Standard Curriculum

Provides an introduction and overview to the eight-hour EMS Public Information, Education and Relations seminar. Intended as a guide for administrators. Loose-leaf to fit into a binder 1996. 262 p. il.

  • S/N: 050-003-00471-5
  • Price: $29.00 (Out of Stock)

Emergency Medical Technician: Basic, National Standard Curriculum

Cover Emergency Medical Technician.Provides minimum core curriculum required to prepare a medically competent EMT-Basic to operate in the field. The 110-hour training program includes a course guide, lesson plans, and appendices. Loose-leaf to fit into a binder. 1994. 674 p. il.
  • S/N: 050-003-00433-2
  • Price: $64.00 Add To Cart

Emergency Medical Technician: Basic Refresher Curriculum, Instructor Course Guide

Cover Emergency Medical Technician.Contains modules on the preparatory stages of emergency medical care, methods in properly ventilating a patient, patient assessment, medical and behavioral emergencies handling, dealing with trauma, and care for infants and children. 1997. 158 p.

  • S/N: 050-003-00474-0
  • Price: $21.00 Add To Cart

Emergency Vehicle Operator Course: Ambulance, National Standard Curriculum Participant Manual

Aids in the training of ambulance drivers. Contains 16 hours of classroom training, behind-the-wheel practice on a driving range, and an on-the-job performance assessment of skills learned in the course. Loose-leaf to fit into binder. 1995. 397 p. il.

  • S/N: 050-003-00435-9
  • Price: $39.00 Add To Cart

Medical Management of Biological Casualties Handbook

Cover Medical Management of Biological Casualties Handbook.Supplies basic summary and treatment information quickly for the health care provider on the front lines. Provides concise supplemental reading material to assist in education of biological casualty management. 4th Edition, known as the Blue Book. Edge indexed. 2001: 268 p.

  • S/N: 008-020-01511-3
  • Price: $19.00 Add To Cart

Medical Management of Chemical Casualties Handbook

Cover Medical Management of Chemical Casualties Handbook.Provides medical personnel in the field a concise, pocket-sized reference source for the medical management of chemical casualties. Supplies concise supplemental reading material for attendees of the Medical Management of Chemical Casualties Course. 3rd Edition. 2000: 316 p.; ill.

  • S/N: 008-020-01512-1
  • Price: $21.00 (Out of Stock)

NIOSH DOD-OSHA Sponsored Chemical and Biological Respiratory Protection Workshop Report

Contains information from the Chemical and Biological Respiratory Protection Workshop, Morgantown, West Virginia. Addresses four main topics: health hazards, user needs, respirator certification standards, and issues of public health. 2000: 80 p.

  • S/N: 017-033-00492-7
  • Price: $10.00 Add To Cart

Emergency Guidelines and Training

ATF Arson Investigative Guide

Provides practical information for arson investigators to use at a fire scene and when conducting follow-up investigations associated with arson-for-profit violations. Includes sections on: ATF Investigative Support; Fire Scene; Insurance; Financial; Real Estate; Sources of Information; and Glossary. Publication measures 9 x 6 in. 1997: 186 p. and 7 index dividers.

  • S/N: 048-012-00105-8
  • Price: $13.50 (Out of Stock)

Coast Guard Incident Management Handbook

Cover Coast Guard Incident Management Handbook.Designed to assist Coast Guard personnel in the use of the National Interagency Incident Management System (NIMS) Incident Command System (ICS) during multi-contingency response operations and planned events. Acts as an easy reference job aid for responders, offering guidance for response personnel. 2001: 22 chapters.

  • S/N: 050-012-00424-2
  • Price: $18.00 (Out of Stock)

General Aviation Operations Inspector's Handbook 8700.1, October 1, 1988

Incorporates Changes 1-7. Provides guidance for inspector tasks related to aircraft accidents and incidents, investigations and compliance, accident prevention, and administrative areas, as well as certain miscellaneous tasks not related to a specific FAR. 1786 p. il. 9 flowcharts. 1988

  • S/N: 050-007-00921-6
  • Price: $70.50 Add To Cart

Change 20 to the above, Effective April 26, 2000. 138 p.; loose-leaf. 0-16-059261-5. 2000

  • S/N: 050-007-01289-6
  • Price: $19.00 (Out of Stock)

Guidebook: Importation and Verification of Firearms, Ammunition and Implements of War

Issued with plastic spiral binding and index dividers. Contains importation laws and regulations, definitions, policies and procedures, and forms and drawings. 1998: 62 p. and 9 index dividers; ill.

  • S/N: 048-012-00110-4
  • Price: $9.00 Add To Cart

Guidelines for Protecting United States Business Information Overseas

Prepared in response to the recognition that the threat of information theft, along with terrorism and crime, is of significant concern for Americans overseas, this booklet presents guidelines for private sector American personnel traveling or residing abroad. 1999. 56 p.

  • S/N: 044-000-02531-1
  • Price: $7.50 (Out of Stock)

Hazard Communication: A Compliance Kit

Assists employers who handle hazardous chemicals in their workplaces to comply with Hazard Communication Standard administered by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Loose-leaf to fit into a binder. 1999. 106 p.
  • S/N: 029-016-00200-6
  • Price: $21.00 Add To Cart

How to Effectively Recover Free Product at Leaking Underground Storage Tank Sites: A Guide for State Regulators

Addresses recovery of free petroleum products below the ground surface. Focuses on scientific and engineering-related considerations for evaluating various technologies for the recovery of free product from the subsurface. Issued in loose-leaf form with a spine label. 1996: 182 p.; ill.

  • S/N: 055-000-00553-2
  • Price: $24.00 Add To Cart

Law Enforcement in a New Century and a Changing World: Improving the Administration of Federal Law Enforcement, Report of the Commission on the Advancement of Federal Law Enforcement

Cover How to Effectively Recover Free Product at Leaking Underground Storage Tank Sites.Examines the challenges in efforts to maintain and improve the Federal law enforcement system in such areas as coordination, terrorism, the globalization and federalization of crime, and the professionalism, integrity, and accountability that needs to be upheld in Federal law enforcement. 2000. 193 p.

  • S/N: 020-000-00276-0
  • Price: $22.00 Add To Cart

NIOSH Criteria Documents Plus (CD-ROM)

Contains the full text of the 143 Criteria Documents (including Special Occupational Hazard Reviews, Occupational Hazard Assessments, and Joint Occupational Health documents); 57 Current Intelligence Bulletins, and 43 Alerts issued by NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) through 1996. Includes booklet providing brief description of documents. Two CD- ROMs and booklet. 1997.

  • S/N: 017-033-00488-9
  • Price: $19.00 (Out of Stock)

Planning for Post-Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction

Cover Planning for Post-Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction.Helps community leaders and planners to educate their constituents on how informed decisions and choices can affect the rebuilding process and yield a safer, more sustainable community. Designed to equip planners and all others involved in post-disaster reconstruction issues at all levels of government with the tools needed to create (or re-create) communities that will withstand disaster and emergency situations. 1998: 348 p.; ill.

  • S/N: 064-000-00030-6
  • Price: $45.00 Add To Cart

The Science of Fingerprints: Classification and Uses

Cover The Science of Fingerprints.Developed by the FBI, this useful handbook aids in the classification of fingerprints and in identifying criminals, amnesia victims, missing persons, and unknown deceased. 1998. 217 p. il.

  • S/N: 027-001-00033-5
  • Price: $18.00 (Out of Stock)


Air Traffic Control, 7110.65

Prescribes air traffic control procedures and phraseology for use by personnel providing air traffic control services. Revised February 21, 2002. Loose-leaf format for updating. Subscription service includes basic manual and quarterly changes for an indeterminate period. Back issues will be furnished but single copies will not be sold. Publisher: Transportation Dept., Federal Aviation Administration Air Traffic Operations Program.

  • S/N: 950-002-00000-0
  • Price: $116.00 Add To Cart

Approach, The Naval Aviation Safety Review

Contains stories, editorials, and accurate information currently available on the subject of aviation accident prevention. Includes information on the prevention of maintenance-caused mishaps as well as general aviation ground safety, formerly presented in Mech, the Naval Aviation Maintenance Safety Review. Price listed is for a one-year subscription mailed on a monthly basis.

  • S/N: 708-010-00000-6
  • Price: $29.00 Add To Cart

Fire Management Today

Consists of articles written by foresters dealing with methods, plans and equipment found useful in preventing or fighting forest fires. Quarterly Subscription. Price listed is for a one-year subscription.

  • S/N: 701-023-00000-5
  • Price: $19.00 Add To Cart

Flying Safety

Published by the United States Air Force in the interest of safer flying. The articles cover many fields of flight, aircraft engineering, training, and safety measures in the air and on the ground. Price listed is for a one-year subscription of 12 issues.

  • S/N: 708-027-00000-6
  • Price: $50.00 Add To Cart

Journal of Special Operations Medicine

Cover Journal of Special Operations Medicine.Serves as a viable tool for sharing medical information between levels of medical support for an inter-service, civilian, and international audience. A peer reviewed journal for SOF Medical Professionals. Quarterly periodical. Subscription price covers issues for 1 year and begins with the issue current when the order is processed. Copies of 2 back issues will be retained in stock for individual purchase. Single issues copies are available by contacting the GPO Order Desk at 866-512-1800 (Toll-free) or 202-512-1800 (DC Metro area). Publisher: Defense Dept., Special Operations Command.

  • S/N: 708-103-00000-4
  • Price: $30.00 Add To Cart

NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods, Fourth Edition

Presents sampling and analytical methods for monitoring occupational exposures to toxic substances in air and biological samples. Subscription service consists of a basic manual, volumes 1, 2 and 3, and supplemental material issued for an indeterminate period. In loose-leaf form, punched for 3-ring binder.

  • S/N: 917-011-00000-1
  • Price: $64.00 Add To Cart

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