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Calling all Students                         Calling all Students

Facts About Toxic Substances and the Environment

ATSDR can help you learn about them-and maybe help you with your next school project.Science

You and your classmates can use this page to find important facts about some toxic substances that you might find in your own home, school, neighborhood, town, city or county.

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 OK? Check Out These Great Sites With Useful Information for Students!

Useful Information from Government Agencies and Other Sources

HealthFinder The Health finder

Gateway consumer health information from the United States government

EPA Student Center
CDC's Global Health Odyssey
NIH's Environmental Diseases from A to Z
The Surgeon General's Report for Kids about Smoking
Are You a Working Teen?
Tips for Teens
Snapshots of Science and Medicine
Prevent the Addiction
Career Information


More Useful Information For Students

Acid Rain--Student Resources
Clean Air--Basic Facts
Clean Water--Basic Facts
Drinking Water Glossary
Envirofacts--EPA's Data Warehouse
Great Lakes Ecopages: An Ecological Protection and Restoration Program  
Hazardous Waste (Superfund)
Indoor Air Quality
Motor Vehicles and Air Pollution: Environmental Quiz
Ozone Depletion
U.S. EPA Research Vessel R/V Lake Guardian on the Great Lakes
Visualizing the Great Lakes: Images of a Region
Water Treatment Process
What is a Pesticide?
What is Acid Rain?

Surf Your Watershed:  EPA's service to help you locate, use, and share environmental information on your watershed or community. 

Useful Facts from Other Sources

EE Link: Environmental Education
GLOBE: Global learning and Observation To Benefit the Environment

Kids' Homes at Government Agencies

Environmental Protection Agency
Food and Drug Administration
National Cancer Institute

You and Your Classmates Can

Now there is a reference guide for families who are concerned about the many environmental chemical hazards and risks that confront their children. Written in plain English, "Raising Children Toxic Free" by Herbert L. Needleman, M.D. and Philip J. Landrigan, M.D., M.Sc. explains the nature of the hazards and provides useful tips for reducing children's risks. The book also contains a household toxicant inventory, developed for the Children's Environmental Health Network by Sophie J. Balk, M.D., with partial funding by ATSDR.


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