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2004 Technology Conference

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2004 Presentations
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Adobe Acrobat PDF File 2004 IHS Information Technology Conference - Agenda  16.4K  File: Agenda2.pdf  - June 22, 2004.
MS PowerPoint PPT File 837 Health Care Claim Submission and RPMS - HIPAA changes have been implemented and have greatly impacted the revenue generation process. RPMS users ranging from the registration department to finance may have noticed a change in their process.  171.0K  File: HIPAA_837_presentation_Final_for_Tech_Fair.ppt Author: Adrian Lujan and Violet Kenny
MS PowerPoint PPT File NEW! Cache Functionality   1,857.5K  File: InterSystems_IHS_2004_Pres.ppt Author: Jim Pietila - August 24, 2004.
MS PowerPoint PPT File NEW! Current Status of VHA/CPRS - This session will provide an overview of VHA’s Computer Patient Record System (CPRS), including a brief “virtual tour”, and briefly cover recent publicity on CPRS and VHA external sharing activities, including those with CMS and IHS.   15,784.5K  File: James_Floyd_IHS_IT_conf.ppt Author: James R. Floyd, CHE - August 24, 2004.
Adobe Acrobat PDF File NEW! Division of Information Resources - Responses to Questions from the Alaska Area on Information Technology in the Indian Health Service  35.3K  File: Alaska_Area_IT_Questions_8-13-04_v3a.pdf  - August 13, 2004.
MS PowerPoint PPT File EHR Business Process Improvements - One Service Unit's experience in implementing the Indian Health Service's Electronic Health Record.  712.0K  File: OpeningSession_EHR2_CathyKeene.ppt Author: Catherine Keene
MS PowerPoint PPT File NEW! Electronic Revenue Generation Model (ERGM) - This presentation will provide an overview of new electronic claims processing model and data integration project that uses a new Microsoft product that can be used in conjunction with RPMS and other commercial systems to integrate financial data at a Site, Area, and Headquarters level based on a current demonstration project.   1,161.5K  File: IHS_Pilot_Presentation_at_2004_IT_Conference_.ppt Author: Art Gonzales - August 24, 2004.
MS PowerPoint PPT File NEW! Emergency Management - The Critical IT Role - This presentation will discuss preparation, mitigation, response, and recovery with regard to all emergencies and disasters. The status of IHS emergency management activity will be shown with emphasis on emergency management plans at hospitals and clinics. The critical IT emergency management role will be emphasized.   14,170.0K  File: Tech_Conference.ppt Author: Captain B. Kevin Molloy - September 24, 2004.
MS PowerPoint PPT File Executive Information Support System - This presentation focuses on the use of the EISS as a management tool for RPMS. The EISS provides an integrated series of applications for information delivery, which enables customers to display critical management-level information about the enterprise with dynamic graphs and reports on-the-fly.   2,291.5K  File: Executive_Information_Support_System_-_v3.1.ppt Author: Orlando Correa
MS PowerPoint PPT File FileSecure - Concern over patient privacy, general good business practices and HIPAA all drive the need for maintaining confidentiality of private information such as medical records. In this session you will learn about a new approach to securing any confidential electronic file, and maintaining that security everywhere the file goes and every time the file is accessed.   810.0K  File: IHS_Presentation.ppt Author: Nathan Pendleton
MS PowerPoint PPT File NEW! HHS Departmental IT Initiatives   52.5K  File: HHS_IHS_Presentation_8-24-2004.ppt Author: Charles Havekost - August 24, 2004.
MS PowerPoint PPT File HIPAA 835 Process and AR Version 1.8 - ITSC has implemented HIPAA compliant transactions including the HIPAA compliant Electronic Remittance Advice and the Standard Adjustment and Reason Codes. This session will provide an overview of the claims reconciliation process since the implementation of HIPAA.  163.5K  File: 835_HIPAA_Transaction_and_AR_1.8_Overview.ppt Author: CDR Sandra M Lahi, CPC
MS PowerPoint PPT File HL7 Version 3: Driving Interoperability & Transforming Healthcare Information Management   588.0K  File: HL7Version3_CharlieMead.ppt Author: Charles Mead, MD, MSc
Adobe Acrobat PDF File NEW! IT And Tribal Shares: Panel Discussion - A discussion panel will focus on the successes/issues with Tribal Shares and IT products/services that ITSC has to offer. The panel will include the following people: Richard Hall (Alaska Area), Janet Bergeman (California Area), Lee Stern (Phoenix Area) and Kevin Rogers (Oklahoma Area).  35.3K  File: Alaska_Area_IT_Questions_8-13-04_v3a.pdf  - August 24, 2004.
MS PowerPoint PPT File NEW! ITSC Self-Determination Services Team Update - A review and discussion of the upcoming ITSC/IT innovations (EHR, PAMS, PIMS, etc.) and its impact on Self-Determination Tribes.  115.0K  File: IHS_Technology_conference_part_II.ppt Author: Sam Berry - September 24, 2004.
MS PowerPoint PPT File NEW! Multi-Program Online Recruitment Enterprise (MORE) (Nursing, Dental, Pharmacy) - The subject of this session is MORE (Multi-program On-line Recruitment Enterprise) which is a web application with both an Internet and an Intranet site. The Internet site’s purpose is to attract candidates to a particular IHS program (pharmacy, nursing, dental...). The Internet site allows recruiters to manage and maintain candidate information and also provides internal IHS employees with pertinent program information.  101.0K  File: TechConf_MORE_Rv1_NoImages.ppt Author: Catherine Alleva - August 25, 2004.
MS PowerPoint PPT File Patient Accounting Management System (PAMS) - The PAMs application is a collaborative effort between a Tribal Consortium and IHS to combine the RPMS Third Party Billing and Accounts Receivable applications. An overview of the project, the team members, timelines, important business process changes and screen shots of the GUI front end functionality that has been developed will be provided along with a question and answer session.  2,541.0K  File: PAMS_-_ITSC_Tech_Fair_082404.ppt Author: CDR Sandra M. Lahi, RHIA
MS PowerPoint PPT File Secure One HHS - A New Approach to Meet Changing IT Security Needs and Requirements on a “One HHS” Scale. Latest information on the IHS network, moving to a "One HHS" network in support of higher bandwidth to the remote health facilities.  1,076.0K  File: HHS_082604.ppt Author: Tom Fisher
MS PowerPoint PPT File Security Self Assessments - The Security Self Assessment Tool (SSAT) is a web based tool that enables DHHS to distribute and collect, in a standard format, the NIST Special Publication 800-26, “Self-Assessment Guide for IT Systems” questionnaire.  84.0K  File: SSAT_hi_level_prest.ppt
MS PowerPoint PPT File The Benefits of Electronic Processing with the IHS/CHS Fiscal Intermediary - The IHS/CHS Fiscal Intermediary will explain what can now be transmitted between the FI/Service Unit/Area/Provider electronically, including, but not limited to claim submissions, Details of Remittance, electronic fund transfers, and claim status for IHS/CHS as well as for providers.  55.5K  File: Tech_Fair_2004_rn.ppt Author: Rhonda Nichols
MS PowerPoint PPT File The Future of Health Information Technology   2,534.0K  File: OpeningSession_HealthePeople_RobKolodner.ppt Author: Robert M. Kolodner, MD
MS PowerPoint PPT File NEW! User Population Reporting for FY 2004 - The IHS Director has slated several changes to the IHS user population process for FY 2004: (1) the deadline for receipt of all FY 2004 data has been moved from November 30 to November 15; and (2) no adjustments will be made for non-received data except in rare instances of information system problems that remain unresolved despite demonstrated diligence. In this session Dr. Carver will discuss the implications of these changes for IHS and tribal health programs. She will also discuss the methods by which the Division of Program Statistics has adjusted the user population in the past. She will discuss the circumstances under which these methods may still be used.  379.5K  File: Tech_Conference_Presentation_Aug_24_2004.ppt Author: Karen Carver
MS PowerPoint PPT File Welcome to the IHS Information Technology Conference   132.0K  File: OpeningSession_IHS_CIO_KeithLongie.ppt Author: Keith Longie
MS PowerPoint PPT File Wireless LAN Security: Threats and Countermeasures - This session will review Wireless Networking, Security Threats, Solutions, Legal Aspects, and Case Studies, with questions and answers.  679.0K  File: WLAN_Threats__Countermeasures-ISSA_Infragard_IHS_Conference.ppt Author: Joe Tomasone

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