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NTIA Manual of Regulations & Procedures for Federal Radio Frequency Management (May 2003 Edition, May 2004 Revisions)

The following documents are provided in the Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (*.pdf). Version 6 of the Acrobat Reader includes the capability to read Acrobat documents out loud. The free Acrobat Reader software may be downloaded from the Adobe website.

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Chapter Acrobat
file size
1 0.4 MB Adobe Acrobat version.Authority and Organization
2 0.2 MB Adobe Acrobat version.Telecommunication Policy
3 4.1 MB Adobe Acrobat version.International Matters
1.1 MB
3.0 MB
2.8 MB
Allocations, Allotments and Plans
Adobe Acrobat version.4.1 Frequency Allocations
Adobe Acrobat version.U.S. Government Table of Frequency Allocations
Adobe Acrobat version.U.S. Government Table of Frequency Allocations International Footnotes
5 1.8 MB Adobe Acrobat version.Spectrum Standards
6 0.3 MB Adobe Acrobat version.Definitions and Particulars of Assignments
7 0.8 MB Adobe Acrobat version.Authorized Frequency Usage
8 2.1 MB Adobe Acrobat version.Procedures and Principles for the Assignment & Coordination of Frequencies
9 0.9 MB Adobe Acrobat version.Preparation of Applications for Frequency Assignment Action
10 0.4 MB Adobe Acrobat version.Procedures for the Review of Telecommunication Systems for Frequency Availability, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), and Telecommunications Service Priority for Radiocommunications (TSP-R)
11 0.1 MB Adobe Acrobat version.Public Access to the Federal Spectrum Management Process
Annex Acrobat
file size
A 0.2 MB Adobe Acrobat version.Record Notes
B 8.3 MB Adobe Acrobat version.Data and Procedures for Assessing Interactions Among Stations in the Space and Terrestrial Services
C 0.04 MB Adobe Acrobat version.Reserved for future use
D 3.5 MB Adobe Acrobat version.Procedure for Field Level Selection and Coordination of the Use of Radio Frequencies
E 0.1 MB Adobe Acrobat version.Guidance for Submission of INMARSAT Commissioning Applications
F 0.1 MB Adobe Acrobat version.Frequency Assignment Review Procedure
G 8.0 MB Adobe Acrobat version.Abbreviations
H 0.7 MB Adobe Acrobat version.Assignment Guide for Maritime Mobile Bands 4-26 MHz
I 1.2 MB Adobe Acrobat version.Procedure for Evaluating Frequency Proposals in the 162 - 174 MHz and 406.1 - 420 MHz Bands
J 0.5 MB Adobe Acrobat version.Guidance for Determination of Necessary Bandwidth
K 0.4 MB Adobe Acrobat version.Technical Standards for Federal "Non-Licensed" Devices
L 0.2 MB Adobe Acrobat version.Freely Associated States
M 0.1 MB Adobe Acrobat version.Measurement Methods
N 0.1 MB Adobe Acrobat version.Special Considerations for Federal Travelers Information Stations Operating on 1610 kHz
  0.6 MB Adobe Acrobat version.Index
  0.4 MB Adobe Acrobat version.Introduction, Holders Letter, Promulgation Letter, PREFACE, Summary of Changes to the May 2003 NTIA Manual, INSTRUCTIONS, List of Effective Pages for the 9/2003 Revision
  0.4 MB Adobe Acrobat version.Table of Contents
  0.04 MB Adobe Acrobat version.Cover Page
  40.5 MB Adobe Acrobat version.Entire Manual (not recommended for slow internet connections)

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