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Vehicle Buying GSA Vehicle Buying Overview
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Welcome to the GSA Vehicle Buying Showroom.  

GSA is a mandatory source for vehicles under FPMR 101-26.501 that purchases about 60,000 new model year non-tactical vehicles for federal government agencies annually. Types of vehicles GSA offers include:

  • Ambulances
  • Buses
  • Car Carriers
  • Construction Equipment
  • Fire Trucks
  • Light Trucks
  • Medium and Heavy Trucks
  • Sedans
  • Special Purpose Vehicles
  • Tankers
  • Trailers

In addition, GSA offers associated products and services such as tires, accessories, leasing of construction and highway maintenance equipment and commercial leasing of sedans and light trucks. 

Try AutoChoice to order vehicles, GSA’s state-of-the-art online vehicle ordering system.  AutoChoice is an online ordering program that allows customers to choose and compare vehicle makes, models and contract prices. Base prices and equipment options can also be viewed. AutoChoice will calculate the prices and give customers a price summary, which includes the GSA 1% surcharge. 

Benefits to purchasing vehicle from GSA:

  • Online vehicle comparisons and ordering through AutoChoice;
  • Online vehicle order tracking through AutoChoice;
  • Prices below manufacturer’s MSPR;
  • Professional contracting teams;
  • Professional engineering services including technical assistance and vehicle design services; 
  • A wide variety of vehicle types;
  • Established multi-year, multi-vendor contracts which provide a choice of vehicle models;
  • Express Desk;
  • Choice of delivery to a nearby delivery or direct to your location; and
  • Dedicated Customer CARE team.

GSA also leases and maintains fleet vehicles. Visit GSA Fleet Overview for more information on fleet management services.

Used government vehicles are sold to the public. To find out how to buy a used vehicle, visit AutoAuctions and GSA Auctions.

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