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The CCR CD-ROM was developed to provide vendor information managed within the CCR database, which is the primary vendor database for the Department of Defense (DoD) and all Federal Agencies. The CCR collects, validates, stores and disseminates data in support of agency missions.

Both current and potential government vendors are required to register in CCR in order to be awarded contracts by all Federal agencies.
FAR FAC 2001-16 see subpart 4.11, page 4.11-1:

The CCR CD-ROM allows users to:

  • Cross-relate CAGE Codes and DUNS numbers.
  • Find businesses that have registered in CCR in your area.
  • Identify registrants by the type of activity (e.g., mining, construction, etc.) they perform.

Potential Users of the CCR CD-ROM are:

  • The registrant
  • Procurement and contracting offices
  • Budget and finance offices
  • Logisticians and other Government personnel
  • Electronic Commerce Research Centers
  • Value Added Networks (VANs)

The CCR CD-ROM is published in its entirety quarterly on Compact Disc - Read Only Memory (CD-ROM). The CCR CD-ROM is one disc which can be installed in either DOS or Windows (16 BIT).

Central Contractor Registry Government (CCRG) CD-ROM
This product contains CCR information and the Tax Payer Identification Number (TIN). This is a “For Official Use Only” product.

The CCRG CD-ROM is published in its entirety monthly on Compact Disc - Read Only Memory (CD-ROM). The CCRG CD-ROM is one disc, which can be installed in either DOS or Windows (16 BIT).

DLIS’s Customer Service Office will assist you with any questions or problems you may encounter in operation of this product.

Customer Service Office (DLIS-VSS)

Toll Free: 888-DLA-9333
DSN: 661-4725
Commercial: 269-961-4725
FAX DSN: 661-5305
FAX Commercial: 269-961-5305


CD-ROM disk

Customer Service: 1-877-352-2255 or DSN 661-7766 Email:
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