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    Other OCC Careers

    The OCC offers career opportunities in a variety of professional fields. Listed below are just a few of the career opportunities available:

    Information Technology Careers

    Technology plays a strong role in supporting the mission and objectives of the OCC. The OCC has recognized and addressed the need for a strong information technology department to provide services and support.

    Our agency's Chief Information Officer and the entire Information Technology Services (ITS) Department is committed to ensuring that the OCC has the most productive and innovative technology tools available. The ITS department's goal is to become a "world class IT shop." We can't achieve that goal without employing the most innovative technology and business professionals available.

    Why Should I Choose the OCC for my IT Career?

    The OCC continues to pursue excellence in all areas of information technology. We want our staff to be the best and brightest technology business professionals. The agency believes in committing significant training dollars for the IT staff so we can maintain a technology edge in the work place.

    Here at the OCC, you will have the opportunity to be part of a team that has a strong foundation of research, innovation, and customer service. ITS has teams of professionals and depending on the project and your expertise, you will have the opportunity to be a member of many teams over the course of your career.

    Each ITS team has an expertise such as Internet/Intranet/Extranet, Client-Server, Data Warehousing, Lotus Notes, and R&D. However, project teams are created with the staffs from these different teams coming together to create the best IT solutions for customers.

    ITS knows that our most critical success factor is our ability to partner with the staff in other OCC business units to ensure we provide the best technology alternatives for their business processes. We need people who not only have the technology skill sets but also the business acumen to understand the business of our customers. Perhaps that someone is YOU!!

    What are Some of the Current IT Initiatives at the OCC?

    ITS has many new initiatives that will be implemented in the next 12-18 months. The following are just a few of the initiatives some of our teams are working on:
    Our Information Services area is developing data marts and a data warehouse, building our first Extranet application, and increasing our use and development of Lotus Notes and client-server applications.
    Our Customer Services area is implementing a new inventory management system and continuing to build our expert help desk system.
    Our Network Sevices area is implementing a consolidated server site, building a stronger telecommunications network, consolidating our e-mail systems and web-enabling our mainframe applications.
    Our Research area is researching the deployment of technology for our customers such as "push technology," a stronger video conferencing network, web-enabling our mainframe applications and supporting the other ITS teams in their efforts to ensure that the best technology alternatives are implemented at the OCC.
    The entire ITS staff is building our expertise in Internet/Intranet/Extranet design and supporting other OCC business units as they develop their own sites on our net.

    Are you Ready for the Challenge?

    If you have the technology skill sets to move the OCC forward in the information age and the 21st century, you should consider an IT career with the OCC. Most IT positions are located at the OCC's Headquarters in Washington, D.C., and our Data Center in Landover, Maryland. Some IT opportunities exist in our offices nationwide. To learn about available positions and qualification requirements, check the Current Job Openings web page and follow the directions for job searches. Go to Top of Page

    Customer Assistance Careers

    What is the Customer Assistance Group?

    The OCC's Office of the Ombudsman, Customer Assistance Group (CAG) carries out the agency's legal mandate to handle consumer complaints against national banks through operation of an advanced customer assistance center in Houston, Texas. The CAG operates a call center where bank customers can speak with a highly qualified Customer Assistance Specialist. The CAG also handles written complaints and inquiries and is responsible for initial processing of all consumer Internet correspondence with the OCC. The CAG analyzes data gathered from complaints and inquiries to keep the examination team informed on trends or emerging issues about which the banking public is concerned. The CAG provides information to the OCC's Public Relations unit in response to media inquiries as well as providing information to consumer groups upon request.

    What Careers are Available at the Customer Assistance Group?

    The CAG employs Customer Assistance Specialists with backgrounds in banking, bank examination, or consumer affairs with bank regulatory experience. The CAG's philosophy is to resolve as many cases at first contact as possible. In order to accomplish our goals, it is essential that the individuals hired by the CAG have excellent credentials in banking and compliance. The CAG strongly encourages its Specialists achieve Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM) status and the OCC supports the CRCM program as a recognized specialty certification.

    In addition to Specialist positions, the CAG employs Analysts and a Quality Development Team Leader. Analysts are responsible for reporting on customer issues to bank examiners, banks, and consumer groups, as well as responding to media inquiries in cooperation with the OCC's Public Relations unit. The Quality Development Team Leader is responsible for developing programs to ensure high quality service in every phase of CAG operations.

    Also essential to the CAG operation are highly qualified Office Automation Assistants and Secretarial and mailroom staff. The CAG operates an online system with scanned documents. The CAG also operates a high-volume, modern mailroom.

    Positions with the CAG include:

    • Customer Assistance Specialist
    • Customer Assistance Analyst
    • Customer Assistance Team Leader
    • Quality Development Team Leader
    • Office Automation Assistant
    • Secretary

    To learn more about available positions and qualification requirements, check the Current Job Openings web page. Click on Southwest to view available CAG positions. Go to Top of Page

    Careers in Community Affairs

    The OCC offers experienced professionals an opportunity to apply their community and economic development skills on a broad range of issues affecting national banks. The OCC seeks professionals from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds, from economics to urban planning, to apply their knowledge to community and economic development banking and regulation.

    Community Affairs staff have high visibility with top OCC management, banking officials, community and economic development organizations and intermediaries, government agencies, and developers of private finance tools.

    As part of the Community Affairs Department, staff is responsible for:

    • Analyzing proposed policies and guidance for examiners and lenders

    • Monitoring innovative lending and investing instruments that are designed for bank participation

    • Providing technical assistance to banks and their community development partners

    • Maintaining outreach efforts to community based organizations, government officials, community and economic development umbrella organizations and partners, and others

    • Participating in working groups and task forces that can expand access to credit and ensure safe and sound lending practices

    • Administering the Community Development Corporation and Community Development Projects and Other Public Welfare Investments program on national bank investments

    • Designing and conducting research and training to help underserved communities reach economic stability

    What Types of Professional Positions are Available?

    Positions may be available in any of the three areas of Community Affairs: Community Relations, Community Development, and Minority and Urban Affairs. All positions require experience in one or more specialized areas of community and economic development. Specialized areas include: Small business, affordable single-family mortgages, multifamily housing, and mixed use development. Educational backgrounds that alternatively may be directly applied to a specialized area include: law, economics, urban planning, finance and financial regulation, public affairs, and social work.

    To learn more about available positions and qualification requirements, check the Current Job Openings web page. Click on Headquarters to view available Community Affairs positions. Go to Top of Page

    Careers in Administration

    The OCC offers a wide variety of administrative positions including careers in human resources, financial services, equal employment, procurement, and several other professions. Administration employees support the OCC's mission by facilitating administrative functions for bank examiners. Additionally, they provide expert advice and guidance to OCC management on laws and regulations concerning administrative matters.

    Functions performed by Administration employees include:

  • Human Resources
    • Recruiting and hiring employees
    • Designing and administering employee compensation and benefits programs
    • Implementing work life programs
    • Developing and directing the performance management, leave, grievance, and discipline programs

  • Financial Services
    • Formulating and executing OCC's operating plan and budget
    • Maintaining day-to-day operations of the accounting system and management of cash and investments
    • Managing the design, enhancement, and implementation of financial systems
    • Monitoring and reviewing OCC's revenues

  • Administrative Services
    • Providing library, conference, design, and supply services
    • Negotiating leases for OCC facilities across the United States
    • Ensuring building and personnel security
    • Administering OCC's records management program

  • Procurement
    • Awarding and administering contracts with vendors for supplies and services
    • Developing and implementing OCC procurement policy
    • Ensuring small business contracting opportunities

  • Equal Employment Programs
    • Promoting equal opportunity in employment for all OCC employees and applicants for employment
    • Identifying and eliminating barriers to employment and advancement in the OCC
    • Processing and resolving EEO complaints

  • Organizational Effectiveness
    • Providing consulting and research services to managers
    • Facilitating meetings and providing team building training assistance
    • Conducting diversity studies

  • Management Improvement
    • Facilitating audits and evaluations of OCC functions performed by Treasury Department Office of Inspector General and the U.S. General Accounting Office
    • Providing support and analysis for OCC-wide programs such as internal controls and strategic planning

    What Types of Administrative Positions are Available

    Positions in Administration include Personnel Management Specialists, Accountants, Program Analysts, Contract Specialists, EEO Specialists, Facilitators, and many other types of administrative jobs. Most jobs are located at the OCC's Headquarters in Washington, D.C. However, there are administrative opportunities located throughout the United States. To learn about available positions and qualification requirements, check the Current Job Openings web page and follow the directions for job searches. Go to Top of Page

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