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HOME ZONE brought to you by Ginnie Mae

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Site Tour

This site is made up of several key regions. You can access these regions from the navigation buttons on the home page or from the other pages. The Home "link" takes you back to the Home page. If you want to visit the main Ginnie Mae site (www.ginniemae.gov) just click the Ginnie Mae logo.

Homezone Screen Image The homepage layout is divided into several distinct regions to help you get around. The basic site navigation is a text bar at the top (outlined in green). Content navigation on the homepage is spread out (outlined in pink). If you ever get lost, just click the Home textlink on the basic site navigation bar.
This is the basic site navigation bar.
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Ginnie Mae Logo Screen Image

This is the Home Zone logo or "graphic link." Clicking Home Zone (outlined), will always take you to the home page. Clicking the Ginnie Mae graphic (outlined) will take you to the Ginnie Mae Web site.

Cool Stories Screen Image Cool Stories Meet Ginnie Mae and her two best friends. Go with them on an animated adventure in saving and investing, interest, mortgages, and home ownership. You will need a Flash Plug-In to view the stories. To test your browser for Flash or Shockwave, go to Download Plug-Ins.
This is the Cool Stories navigation bar.
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Game Center Screen Image Game Center After you've experienced the stories, relax with Ginnie and the gang. You can play Match 'Em, a memory matching game, or Ginnie's own HomeBuilder game. After you successfully complete HomeBuilder, you'll get a prize. You'll need the Flash plug-in to play Homebuilder. To test your browser for Flash or Shockwave, go to Download Plug-Ins.
This is the Game Center navigation bar.
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Brain Food Navigation Bar Image Brain Food A great place to do research or get ideas. In MindBuilder, you'll find a section about the basic concepts discussed in the Home Zone. You will also find some Cool Facts about money, banking, and housing. A Glossary of terms will help you define new words. You'll also find an interest Calculator you can experiment with.
This is the Brain Food navigation bar.

Chalkboard Screen Image Chalkboard In this section, teachers and other adults will find ideas for discussing the concepts of saving, investing and home owning with students. In the Idea Corner, there are suggested activities for using information on the site to work with middle-school students. In National Standards, we explain how the activities included on this site were designed with the goal of furthering academic achievement in mind. Under Share Your Ideas, you are invited to tell others how you've used the site, or to give us suggestions for improvement. Under Acknowledgement, we thank the students, teachers, schools and parents who helped us create this site.
This is the Chalkboard navigation bar.
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Site Help Screen Image Site Help Go to Site Help to learn about the best way to configure your system to visit the Home Zone, or to get help fixing problems you might have while you're here. Configuration explains what hardware set-up and software requirements the Home Zone prefers. Plug-ins explains what they are, why you need certain ones and where you can download them. Troubleshooting is where we try to help you with fixing those "gremlins" problems that sometimes crop up to spoil your fun. Help us make the Home Zone better by sending us any of your problems.
This is the Site Help navigation bar.
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Site Map Screen Image Site Map You can scan the whole site structure here and links will take you to anywhere on the site.

Site Tour Screen Image Site Tour You are taking the Site Tour now. This section explains the layout for the site, how to get Plug-Ins, and how best to configure your computer so that you can enjoy the features of this site.

Suggested Tour Sequence

  1. Remember to bookmark the homepage so you can always find it in the future.
  2. Make sure you have the Flash-4 Plug-In Download Plug-Ins.
  3. If you are not sure about how your computer is set up,visit the Configuration section. It has information about what hardware, software and settings you need to best enjoy the features of this Web site.
  4. If you're looking mainly for the fun, go to Cool Stories first. Enjoy those and then you can hop over to Game Center. If you are mainly interested in facts for a research project, then look at Brain Food. If you are a teacher, parent or tutor (or dream of becoming one) then Chalkboard is for you.
  5. Remember that if you get stuck for any reason you can go to Troubleshooting or ask a teacher or friend to help you.
  6. If you need to contact us with comments or suggestions, ask your teacher or other adult for help.
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