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About FastLane

FastLane Features

FastLane's 16 Test Organizations
FastLane Site Map
FastLane Site Map
What is FastLane?

Purpose of FastLane
The purpose of FastLane is to experiment with ways to use the World Wide Web to facilitate business transactions and the exchange of information between the National Science Foundation and its client community including researchers, reviewers, research administrators, and others doing business with NSF.

Features of FastLane
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Purpose of this Website
This Website is used to conduct NSF business and to disseminate information to the public. New applications and enhancements are tested on the development Website (go to development site). Sixteen colleges and universities (click here to view list) nationwide are assisting NSF in the design and evaluation of FastLane.

FastLane Access
The FastLane home page is available on the Web through the NSF home page (go to home page). Access to the FastLane Test Server is also available at (go to test server). The Test Server has working prototypes of all FastLane features available for your review.

To use FastLane you must have access to an Internet connection and a qualified Web browser. Currently, both Netscape 3.0 and above and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 support all of FastLane's basic features, but other vendors may provide a qualified browser in the future.

On the FastLane home page is an link labeled About FastLane. This page contains a number of documents that will provide you with information about specific areas of interest. These documents will be updated as needed, so be sure to check there from time to time to be sure you have seen the most recent document on each subject. In preparation for using the FastLane, you are encouraged to access these documents and become familiar with the information and guidance they provide.

Access to most of the features on this Website is restricted to officials and Principal Investigators (PIs) of registered FastLane organizations. With the exception of the NSF Award Search, you may not be able to use the features on this Website unless you are associated with one of these organizations and have been given a PIN. However, the FastLane Development Website (go to development web site), will allow you to simulate most of the FastLane features. Don't change the information on the login screens. Simply click on the login button to use the option. We encourage you to access the FastLane Development Website and to provide us with your reactions and comments.

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