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Researchers to Help Exterminate Bugs in Spreadsheets, Web Applications (PR 04-065)
Added May 05 2004

A "Printer" for Low-Cost Eyeglass Lenses (TIP 04-0414)
Added Apr 15 2004

Data Mining Pinpoints Network Intrusions (TIP 04-0414)
Added Apr 15 2004

Here There Be Data: Mapping the Landscape of Science (PR 04-041)
Added Apr 06 2004

NSF Digital Libraries Part of New Yahoo! Search Effort (TIP 04-0316)
Added Mar 16 2004

Teragrid's First Targets Include Galaxy Formation and Pollution Cleanup (TIP 04-0316)
Added Mar 16 2004

Virtual Screening Lab Zeroes in on New Drugs (TIP 04-0316)
Added Mar 16 2004

Cyberinfrastructure Poised to Revolutionize Environmental Sciences and Other Disciplines (PR 04-014)
Added Feb 17 2004

Arming Computers with Tools for Self-Defense (TIP 04-0115)
Added Jan 20 2004

Keeping Found Things Found: Web Tools Don't Always Mesh With How People Work (PR 03-146)
Added Dec 17 2003

Detecting Terrorists and Other Hidden Groups on the Internet (TIP 03-1209)
Added Dec 10 2003

New Fossils From Ethiopia Open a Window on Africa's "Missing Years" (PR 03-131)
Added Dec 03 2003

Faster, Better, Cheaper: Open-Source Practices May Help Improve Software Engineering (PR 03-132)
Added Dec 03 2003

NSF Announces $30 Million Program in "Cyber Trust" (PR 03-133)
Added Dec 03 2003

Taking Cues from Mother Nature to Foil Cyber Attacks (PR 03-130)
Added Nov 25 2003

NSF Announces Awards to Develop Network Testbeds for Cybersecurity, Next-Generation Wireless and E-Science (PR 03-123)
Added Oct 23 2003

Sense and Sensor Abilities from NSF Robotics and Computer Vision Research (TIP 03-1021)
Added Oct 23 2003

Robots in Las Vegas: Demos and International Agency Panel Highlight NSF Robotics Workshop (MA 03-44)
Added Oct 08 2003

Making Beautiful Music Together: NSF Award to Help New World Symphony Create Global Music Education Network (PR 03-111)
Added Oct 01 2003

NSF Announces Three Awards to Extend the Reach of Terascale Facility (PR 03-107)
Added Sep 29 2003

Data Privacy, Emergency Response, Weather Prediction to Benefit from Information Technology Advances (PR 03-103)
Added Sep 17 2003

NSF Middleware Initiative ( -)
Added Sep 15 2003

NSF Awards Extend Middleware Development Efforts in Testing, Portals and Instrumentation (PR 03-99)
Added Sep 15 2003

Swell Software Crafts Artificial Clouds in Real-Time (TIP 03-0818)
Added Aug 19 2003

New "Knockout" Map Helps Study Gene Functions in Model Plant
Scientists know more about Arabidopsis than ever before
(PR 03-79)
Added Jul 31 2003

Behind the Blockbusters--Special Effects Tool Locks Characters onto Film (PR 03-80)
Added Jul 31 2003

Wireless Network Provides Critical Link in Battle to Control California's Coyote Wildfire (PR 03-78)
Added Jul 28 2003

NSF Speakers to Keynote Symposium on Intelligence and Security Informatics (MA 03-32)
Added May 29 2003

Researchers Develop Techniques for Computing Google-Style Web Rankings Up to Five Times Faster (PR 03-56)
Added May 21 2003

NSF Researchers Present Digital Solutions to Government Challenges (PR 03-59)
Added May 20 2003

NSF Support Helps Start a Robot Soccer Dynasty (PR 03-47)
Added May 02 2003

NSF Middleware Initiative Contributes Third Software Release to Cyberinfrastructure for Science and Engineering (PR 03-46)
Added Apr 28 2003

Mosaic Web Browser Celebrates 10th Birthday (PR 03-43)
Added Apr 25 2003

NSF Researchers To Help Modern Organizations Adapt and Respond In The Information Age (PR 03-42)
Added Apr 18 2003

Visitors to Experience "Virtual Monticello" at New Orleans Museum of Art Exhibition (PR 03-39)
Added Apr 04 2003

Good Ratings Gone Bad: Study Shows Recommender Systems can Manipulate Users' Opinions (PR 03-38)
Added Apr 04 2003

Workshop Prepares Robotics Researchers to Participate in Emergency Response Training (PR 03-20)
Added Feb 11 2003

Survey Shows Security and Privacy Remain Major Concerns for Online Shoppers (PR 03-14)
Added Feb 04 2003

National Science Foundation Releases New Report from Advisory Committee for Cyberinfrastructure (PR 03-18)
Added Feb 04 2003

Commerce Secretary, President's Science Advisor to Keynote Conference on Economic and Social Implications of Information Technology (MA 03-04)
Added Jan 22 2003

NSF Program Provides Bandwidth to Change How People Teach, Learn and Explore (PR 02-102)
Added Dec 26 2002

NSF-Supported International Children's Digital Library to Launch November 20 (PR 02-93)
Added Nov 19 2002

NSF Recognized for E-Government Success at Ceremony (PR 02-90)
Added Nov 05 2002

New NSF "Middleware" Advances Collaborative Research and Education (PR 02-89)
Added Nov 01 2002

Awards will Advance the State of Information Technology's Art (PR 02-78)
Added Sep 26 2002

NSF, Intelligence Community to Cooperate on "Data Mining" Research (PR 02-64)
Added Jul 30 2002

"Ramping Up" to Digital Government (PR 02-43)
Added May 20 2002

New Software, Tools Ease Internet Collaboration and Grid Computing (PR 02-38)
Added May 09 2002

NSF Announces New Head of Computer Information Science and Engineering (PA 02-01)
Added Jan 31 2002

New Public-Domain Database Could Advance Human Computer Interaction Through Sound (PR 01-107)
Added Dec 17 2001

NSF Announces $156 Million in Awards for Information Technology Research (PR 01-74)
Added Sep 25 2001

Internet "Middleware" Gets $12 Million Boost from NSF (PR 01-73)
Added Sep 24 2001

Distributed Terascale Facility To Commence With $53 Million NSF Award (PR 01-67)
Added Aug 08 2001

On First Science Cruise Icebreaker Healy Steams To Arctic To Study Crust Formation (PR 01-66)
Added Aug 08 2001

Status=Current (PR 01-46)
Added May 22 2001

NSF Award Recognizes Wireless Pioneer (PR 01-35)
Added Apr 23 2001

Internet Voting Is No (PR 01-18)
Added Mar 06 2001

Research Network Brings Wireless Internet to Native American Reservations (PR 01-11)
Added Feb 08 2001

Terascale Computing System Comes On-line (PR 01-07)
Added Jan 29 2001

New Grid Portal To Improve U.S. Researchers' Access To Advanced Computing Resources (PR 00-88)
Added Nov 07 2000

WEB100 Project to Boost Performance of Research Networks (PR 00-87)
Added Nov 02 2000

New Report Challenges Assumptions About What The Internet Means To The Public (PR 00-80)
Added Oct 25 2000

Poll Shows Americans' Concern Over "Y2K" Continues to Drop (SP 99-03)
Added Sep 09 1999

NSF Grant Brings 'Virtual Worlds' to Life (PR 99-38)
Added May 13 1999

Information Technologies Promise To Make Government More Efficient And Responsive (PR 99-33)
Added Apr 29 1999

Updated Poll Finds American's Fear of Possible 'Y2K' Problems Falls as Awareness Level Rises (PRSP 99-2)
Added Mar 10 1999

NSF Effort To Increase Access To The WEB By People With Disabilities (PR 97-64)
Added Oct 22 1997

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