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Department of the Army
Headquarters, United States Army
Training and Doctrine Command
Fort Monroe, Virginia 23651-1047

1 May 1998
Updated 1 October 2002

*TRADOC Pam 25-51

Information Management: Records Management


Summary. This pamphlet provides official office symbols for HQ TRADOC staff, TRADOC service schools, activities, and miscellaneous units. Office symbols have been standardized to facilitate office automation.

Applicability. This pamphlet applies to HQ TRADOC and all agencies that prepare correspondence to or from HQ TRADOC.

Suggested improvements.The proponent of this pamphlet is the Deputy Chief of Staff for Command, Control, Communications & Computers (DCSC4). Send comments and suggested improvements on DA Form 2028 (Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms) through channels to Commander, TRADOC, ATTN: ATIM-I, 102 McNair Drive, Fort Monroe, VA 23651-1047. Suggested improvements may also be submitted using DA Form 1045 (Army Ideas for Excellence Program (AIEP) Proposal). Electronic mail address:

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Office symbols


General guidelines


B. TRADOC service schools and activities


1. Purpose. The DCSC4 is responsible for assigning office symbols to staff elements of HQ TRADOC and to TRADOC service schools, activities, and assigned miscellaneous units.

2. Reference. TRADOC Reg 10-5 (Headquarters, United States Army Training and Doctrine Command) is a required publication.

3. Office symbols. HQ TRADOC office symbols are established as follows, consistent with the organizational structure shown in TRADOC Reg 10-5:

    a. Office symbols are limited to not more than seven letters. Hyphens will be placed between the fourth and fifth letters.

    b. The first two letters have been assigned to U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command by HQDA and are "AT."

    c. The third and fourth letters represent the Command Group and general and special staff offices.

    d. After the hyphen, the fifth letter will represent a directorate, a comparable element, or next organizational element below general and special staff level.

    e. The sixth letter will represent a division, a comparable element, or next lower organizational level.

    f. The seventh letter will represent a branch, comparable element, or the next lower organizational element.

    g. The letter "Z" may be used as the fifth letter for the immediate office of the head of a general or special staff office. The letter "Z" may be used in conjunction with the letters "A" thru "W" to represent officials in the office.

    h. The letter "X" may be used as the sixth letter for the executive officer of general or special staff offices.

4. General guidelines.

     a. Office symbols for HQ TRADOC are listed in appendix A. Office symbols will not be changed solely because an activity's name has changed.

     b. Commanders of organizations and units listed in appendix B may further assign office symbols to elements of their respective offices or commands.

     c. Office symbols for principal installations, field operating activities, service schools, activities, and miscellaneous units are limited to not more than nine letters. Hyphens will be placed between the fourth and fifth letters and the seventh and eighth letters. The first four letters have been assigned. These symbols should be constructed at the local level in a manner similar to the HQ TRADOC construction method.

     d. Chiefs of general and special staff offices, HQ TRADOC, will send requests for changes to DCSC4, ATTN: ATIM-I. Coordinate all changes in organizational structure with Commander, TRADOC, ATTN: ATIM-I, 102 McNair Dr, Fort Monroe, VA 23651-1047, prior to implementation for assignment or deletion of office symbols. Notify the Mail and Distribution Center (ATZG-BO-PM) of approved office symbol changes so that mail can be properly routed and distributed.

Appendix A


Commanding General ATCG
   Planning Group ATCG-P
   Command Sergeant Major ATCM
Deputy Commanding General for Combined Arms Center,
Fort Leavenworth
Deputy Commanding General for Initial Entry Training ATDC-I
Deputy Commanding General for Combined Arms Support Command,
Fort Lee
Deputy Commanding General for Army National Guard ATDC-G
Deputy Commanding General for United States Army Reserve ATDC-M
Deputy Commanding General for Transformation, Fort Lewis ATDC-T
Chief of Staff ATCS
   Secretary of the General Staff ATCS-X
   Small & Disadvantaged Business Utilization ATCS-B
   Strategic Initiatives Group ATCS-D
   Equal Employment Opportunity ATCS-E
   Congressional Activities Office ATCS-CAO
   Protocol ATCS-P
   Command Safety Office ATCS-S
   Installation (Avn, Instl, and Tactical) Division ATCS-SI
   Futures (Range, Fire, and Engr) Division ATCS-SF
Deputy Chief of Staff for Simulations and Analysis ATAN
   Asst Deputy Chief of Staff for Simulations and Analysis ATAN-ZA
   Resource Manager ATAN-ZA
   Analysis Directorate ATAN-A
   Simulations Directorate ATAN-SM
Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, Infrastructure and Logistics ATBO-ZA
   Asst Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, Infrastructure and Logistics ATBO-ZB
   Asst Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, Infrastructure and Logistics ATBO-ZC
   Installation Management Support Directorate ATBO-ZI
   Executive Officer ATBO-ZX
   Acquisition Directorate ATBO-A
   Adjutant General ATBO-B
   Civilian Personnel Directorate ATBO-C
   Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Directorate ATBO-F
   Engineer Directorate ATBO-G
   Logistics Directorate ATBO-H
   Resource Management Directorate ATBO-K
   Base Realignment and Closure Office ATBO-R
Deputy Chief of Staff for Developments ATCD-ZA
   Asst Deputy Chief of Staff for Developments (Joint Venture) ATCD-ZB
   Asst Deputy Chief of Staff for Developments (Requirements) ATCD-ZC
   Deputy Asst Deputy Chief of Staff for Developments ATCD-ZAD
   Executive Officer ATCD-ZX
   Architecture Management Directorate ATCD-A
   Battle Lab Integration and Technology Directorate ATCD-B
   Requirements Integration Directorate ATCD-E
   Advanced Systems Division ATCD-EA
   Capability Integration Division ATCD-EC
   Joint Warfare Division ATCD-EJ
   Models and Simulations Division ATCD-EM
   Combat Developments Engineering Division ATCD-EN
   Policy Division ATCD-EP
   Force Design Directorate ATCD-F
   Force Design Division ATCD-FA
   Structure and Analysis Division ATCD-FB
   FDD Operations Office ATCD-FM
   Command, Control, Communications, Computers,
      Intelligence,Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Directorate
   Programs, Analysis, and Integration Division ATCD-GP
   Requirements Division ATCD-GR
   Transformation Synchronization Office ATCD-H
   Joint Venture Directorate ATCD-J
   Combat Arms Directorate ATCD-M
   Fire Support and Air Defense Division ATCD-MD
   Heavy Forces Division ATCD-MH
   Light Forces Division ATCD-ML
   Combat ID Division ATCD-MQ
   Program Management and Services Directorate ATCD-R
   Resources and Services Division ATCD-RM
   Army Test and Evaluation Liaison Office ATCD-RO
   Combat Service Support Directorate ATCD-S
   Logistics Division ATCD-SL
   Soldier Support and Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Division ATCD-SN
   Force Transformation Requirements Directorate ATCD-T
   Unit of Action/Future Combat Systems Directorate ATCD-V
Deputy Chief of Staff for Doctrine, Concepts and Strategy ATDO-ZA
   Asst DCS for Doctrine, Concepts and Strategy ATDO-ZAD
   Executive Officer ATDO-ZX
   Joint Army Doctrine Directorate ATDO-A
   Air Land Sea Application Center ATDO-ALSA
   Joint Army Concept Directorate ATDO-C
   Program, Management, and Operations Directorate ATDO-D
   Future Battle Directorate ATDO-F
   Homeland Security Directorate ATDO-H
   Strategic Plans Directorate ATDO-S
   International Army Programs Directorate ATDO-Y
   Liaison Support ATDO-YF
   Multilateral/LatAm/Pacific/Israel Division ATDO-YL
   North Atlantic Division ATDO-YN
   Wargaming Directorate ATDO-W
Deputy Chief of Staff for Command, Control, Communications & Computers ATIM
   Asst Deputy Chief of Staff for Command, Control, Communications & Computers ATIM-ZA
   Support Directorate ATIM-A
   C4ISR Integration Directorate ATIM-I
   Architecture Division ATIM-IA
   Systems Division ATIM-IS
   TRADOC C4 Directorate ATIM-T
Deputy Chief of Staff for Resource Management ATRM-ZA
   Asst Deputy Chief of Staff for Resource Management ATRM-ZB
   Executive Officer ATRM-ZX
   Administrative Office ATRM-ZXA
   Finance and Accounting Directorate ATRM-A
   MACOM Accountant ATRM-AB
   Accounting Services Division ATRM-AS
   Finance Services ATRM-AT
   Budget Directorate ATRM-B
   Budget Analysis Division ATRM-BA
   Control Division ATRM-BC
   HQ Activities Division ATRM-BH
   Installation Analysis Division ATRM-BI
   Commercial Activities Directorate ATRM-C
   Manpower and Force Analysis Directorate ATRM-F
   Force Accounting and Systems Division ATRM-FA
   Manpower, Equipment, and Operations Division ATRM-FI
   Manpower, Requirement, and Analysis Division ATRM-FT
   Management Directorate ATRM-M
   Planning, Analysis, and Evaluation Directorate ATRM-P
Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Training ATTG-ZA
   Asst Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations ATTG-ZO
   Asst Deputy Chief of Staff for Training (East) ATTG-ZC
   Sergeant Major ATTG-ZB
   Training Career Program Office ATTG-ZC-T
   Executive Officer ATTG-ZXE
   Administrative Office ATTG-ZXA
   Information Systems Office ATTG-ZXI
   Training Initiatives Office ATTG-A
   Training Developments and Analysis Directorate ATTG-C
   Training Development Management Division ATTG-CD
   Futures Training Division ATTG-CF
   Operations Research and Analysis Division ATTG-CR
   Initial Entry Training Directorate ATTG-E
   Individual Training Directorate ATTG-I
   Aviation Division ATTG-IA
   Education and Training Support Division ATTG-IE
   Leader Development Division ATTG-IL
   School Division ATTG-IS
   Interservice Training Office ATTG-IO
   Command Provost Marshal Directorate ATTG-J
   Training Operations Management Activity ATTG-M
   Operations Division ATOM-O
   Programs Division ATOM-P
   OneSAF (One Semi Automated Forces) Directorate ATTG-O
   Personnel Proponency Directorate ATTG-P
   Enlisted Personnel Management Division ATTG-PE
   Officer Personnel Management Division ATTG-PO
   Warrant Officer Personnel Management Division ATTG-PW
   Program Management Directorate ATTG-R
   Program Budget Division ATTG-RP
   Management Division ATTG-RM
   Security Assistance Training Directorate ATTG-S
   Security Assistance Training Field Activity ATFA
   Resource Management Division ATFA-P
   Pricing Branch ATFA-PC
   Financial Management Branch ATFA-PF
   Information Management Office ATFA-PI
   Training Policy and Training Branch ATFA-PT
   Operation Division ATFA-R
   East Branch ATFA-RE
   Quota Management Branch ATFA-RQ
   West Branch ATFA-RW
   Training Requirements and Integration Directorate ATTG-T
   Training Concepts and Integration Division ATTG-TC
   OF/Futures Division ATTG-TF
   Training Initiatives Division ATTG-TI
   Legacy Force Division ATTG-TL
   Research and Studies Division ATTG-TR
   ADCST-West Liaison Officer< td> ATTG-U
   Training Doctrine Writing Team ATTG-W
   The Army School System Directorate ATTG-X
   Current Operations Division ATTG-XC
   Plans and Policy Division ATTG-XD
   Programs and Analysis Division ATTG-XP
   TASS Integration Element (TIE) Jackson ATTG-XJ
   TASS Integration Element (TIE) Lewis ATTG-XL
   TASS Integration Element (TIE) McCoy ATTG-XM
   TASS Integration Element (TIE) Sill ATTG-XS
   Training Integration Directorate ATTG-Y
   Legacy Force Division ATTG-YL
   Objective and Future Force Division ATTG-YO
   Operations, Mobilization and Readiness Directorate ATTG-ZO
   Operations Division ATTG-ZOO
   Mobilization Division ATTG-ZOM
   Readiness Division ATTG-ZOR
   PMO The Army Distance Learning Program SFAE-PS-DL
   Asst Deputy Chief of Staff for Training (West) ATZL-CT
   Collective Training Directorate ATZL-CTD
   Combat Training Center Directorate ATZL-CTC
   Battle Command Training Program ATZL-CTB
   Operations Group A, BCTP ATZL-CTB-A
   Operations Group B, BCTP ATZL-CTB-B
   Operations Group C, BCTP ATZL-CTB-C
   Operations Group D, BCTP ATZL-CTB-D
   Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL) ATZL-CTL
   National Simulation Center (NSC) ATZL-NSC
   Army Joint Support Team (AJST) ATZL-CTA
   Army Joint Support Team (AJST) Nellis ATZL-CTA-N
   Operations ATZL-CTO
   U.S. Army Training Support Center (ATSC) ATIC
   Army Training Modernization Directorate ATIC-A
   Strategic Communication ATIC-C
   Total Force Integration Office ATIC-F
   Individual Training Support Directorate ATIC-I
   Operations and Support Directorate ATIC-O
   Concepts and Plans Office ATIC-P
   Resource Management Directorate ATIC-R
   Training Support Assistance and Integration Directorate ATIC-S
   Army Training Information Systems Office ATIC-T
Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence ATIN-ZA
   Asst Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence ATIN-ZAD
   Administration Office ATIN-ZAA
   ADCSINT Wargaming (Fort Leavenworth) ATIN-ZAW
   ADCSINT Threats (Fort Leavenworth) ATIN-ZAL
   Scenarios and Studies Directorate ATIN-C
   Devils Advocate Directorate ATIN-D
   ADCSINT Futures (Fort Leavenworth) ATIN-I
   Asymmetric Division ATIN-IA
   Future Concepts Division ATIN-IC
   Force Design and Requirements Division ATIN-ID
   ISR Division ATIN-II
   Foreign Military Studies Office (Fort Leavenworth)ATIN-F
   Homeland Security Threats Office (Fort Leavenworth) ATIN-H
   Operations Directorate (Fort Leavenworth) ATIN-L
   Test and Evaluation Division ATIN-LE
   Opposing Force Directorate ATIN-O
   Security Directorate ATIN-S
   Disclosure Office ATIN-SD
   Security Office ATIN-SE
   Special Security Office ATIN-SS
   OPFOR and Threat Integration Directorate ATIN-T
   Staff Weather Office ATIN-W
Chief of Public Affairs ATPA
   U.S. Continental Army Band ATPA-B
   Command Information and Products Branch ATPA-CI
   Policy, Plans and Management Branch ATPA-P
   Public Communications Branch ATPA-PC
Inspector General ATIG
Surgeon ATMD
Chaplain ATCH
Office, Internal Review and Audit Compliance ATIR
Staff Judge Advocate ATJA
Military History Office ATMH
U.S. Army Cadet Command ATCC
   Commanding General ATCC-ZA
   Deputy Commanding General ATCC-ZD
   Chief of Staff ATCC-ZB
   Command Sergeant Major ATCC-ZS
   Asst Chief of Staff (USAR) ATCC-AR
   Asst Chief of Staff (NG) ATCC-NG
   Inspector General ATCC-IG
   Command Judge Advocate ATCC-JA
   Command Historian ATCC-H
   Information Management Directorate ATCC-I
   JROTC Directorate ATCC-J
   Marketing and Public Affairs Directorate ATCC-M
   Chief Nurse ATCC-N
   Recruiting Operations Directorate ATCC-O
   Personnel and Administration Directorate ATCC-P
   Resource Management Directorate ATCC-R
   Command Surgeon ATCC-S
   Training Directorate ATCC-T
   School of Cadet Command ATCC-TS
Headquarters, ROTC Regions
U.S. Army First Region ATOA
U.S. Army Second Region ATOB
U.S. Army Fourth Region ATOD
U.S. Army Accessions Command ATAL

Appendix B
TRADOC Service Schools and Activities

TRADOC Service Schools
LOs to Other Cmds/Actvs
Adv Gps to Other Cmds/Actvs
Allied Offs

TRADOC Service Schools
U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery School ATSA
U.S. Army Armor School ATSB
U.S. Army Chaplain Center and School ATSC
U.S. Army Ordnance Mechanical Maintenance School ATSD
U.S. Army Engineer School ATSE
U.S. Army Field Artillery School ATSF
U.S. Army Soldier Support Institute ATSG
U.S. Army Finance School ATSG-FS
U.S. Army Element School of Music ATSG-SM
U.S. Army Infantry School ATSH
U.S. Army Management Staff College ATSI
U.S. Army Military Police School ATSJ
U.S. Army Ordnance Munitions and Electronic Maintenance School ATSK
U.S. Army Ordnance Center and Schools ATSL
U.S. Army Quartermaster Center and School ATSM
U.S. Army Chemical School ATSN
U.S. Army Transportation School ATSP
Mobilization Deployment Planning Course (MDPC) ATSP
U.S. Army Aviation Logistics School ATSQ
U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy ATSS
U.S. Army Logistics Management College ATSZ
Defense Language Institute, Foreign Language Center ATFL
U.S. Army Command and General Staff College ATZL-SW
U.S. Army Intelligence Center and Fort Huachuca ATZS
U.S. Army Warrant Officer Center ATSW
Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation ATWI
TRADOC Activities
U.S. Army TRADOC Acquisition Center (Fort Eustis) ATAC
U.S. Army Aeronautical Services Agency ATAS
U.S. Army Security Assistance Training Field Activity (SATFA)
   (Fort Monroe)
U.S. Army Training Support Center (ATSC) (Fort Eustis) ATIC
U.S. Army Nuclear and Chemical Agency ATNA
TRADOC Analysis Command (TRAC) (Fort Leavenworth) ATRC
National Training Center Operations Group (Fort Irwin) ATXY-COG
U.S. Disciplinary Barracks (Fort Leavenworth) ATZL-DB
Joint Readiness Training Center (Fort Polk) ATZL-JR
TRADOC Liaison Officers to Other
Commands and Activities
United Nations Command/Combined Forces Command/
    U.S. Forces Korea/ Eighth US Army
U.S. Army, Europe and Seventh Army (USAREUR) ATDO-YF-EUR
U.S. Southern Command/U.S. Army South ATDO-YF-SO
U.S. Pacific Command (USPACOM)/U.S. Army Pacific (USARPAC) ATDO-YF-PAC
U.S. Marine Corps Combat Developments Command (MCCDC) ATDO-YF-CDC
Canadian National Defense HQ (DLPR) ATDO-YF-LPR
French War College (FWC) ATDO-YF-FWC
    French Armor School (Saumur) ATDO-YF-FAR
    French Army Staff College (Paris) ATDO-YF-FSC
    French Artillery School (Draguignan) ATDO-YF-FFA
    French Aviation School (LeLuc) ATDO-YF-FAV
    French Engineer School (Angers) ATDO-YF-FEN
    French Signal School (Rennes) ATDO-YF-FSI
    French Infantry School (Montpellier) ATDO-YF-FIN
German Army Office (Heeresamt) ATDO-YF-GAO
    CASCOM LO to German Army (Cologne) ATDO-YF-GSS
    German Aviation School (Bueckeburg) ATDO-YF-GAV
    German Artillery School (Idar-Oberstein) ATDO-YF-GFA
    German NBC/Engineer Schools (Sonthofen) ATDO-YF-GEN
    German Armor School (Munster) ATDO-YF-GAR
    German Infantry School (Hammelburg) ATDO-YF-GIN
Israel Defense Forces ATDO-YF-IDF
Italian Army HQ (Rome) ATDO-YF-IHQ
Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Staff College ATDO-YF-JSC
Japan Ground Self-Defense Force and USARJ ATDO-YF-JDF
Spanish Army HQ (Madrid) ATDO-YF-SHQ
Turkish Land Forces Doctrine and Training Command ATDO-YF-TDT
United Kingdom Doctrine and Training Command ATDO-YF-BDT
British Army Staff College ATDO-YF-BSC
UK Combined Arms Training Center ATDO-YF-BTC
Combat Developments LO ATDO-YF-BCD
TRADOC Advisory Groups at Other Commands
and Activities
U.S. Army Representative, USMC Combat Development Command ATTG-MC
Chief, U.S. Army Advisory Group, USAF Air University ATTG-AU
Chief, U.S. Army Advisory Group, U.S. Naval War College ATTG-NWC
Chief, U.S. Army Advisory Group, USAF Institute of Technology ATTG-IT
U.S. Army Representative, Naval Postgraduate School ATTG-NPG
Allied Officers to HQ TRADOC
Australian ATDO-YF-AS
Brazilian ATDO-YF-BR
Canadian ATDO-YF-CA
Italian ATDO-YF-IT
Japanese ATDO-YF-JA
United Kingdom ATDO-YF-UK
United States Marine Corps ATDO-YF-MC
Netherlands ATDO-YF-NL
Turkish ATDO-YF-TU
Research Coordinator, U.S. Army Research Institute PERI-ZM


Major General, GS
Chief of Staff

Colonel, GS
Deputy Chief of Staff
   for Information Management