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DIAS - Policy Office
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Head: Jean Feldman

Policy Office Overview:
The Policy Office is responsible for developing, implementing and issuing proposal and award policy for the programs of the National Science Foundation and is available to assist you with questions involving policy related issues. Questions related to specific awards should be directed to the Division of Grants and Agreements.

Grants & Cooperative Agreements:
Red Bullet  Policy & Guidance
    (including the Grant Proposal Guide (GPG), and
    Grant Policy Manual (GPM))

    Red Bullet  Examples of Activities that Demonstrate Broader Impacts
    Red Bullet  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Electronic Signatures
    Red Bullet  FAQs: Proposal Preparation and Award Administration
        Red Bullet  Current Maximum Daily Consultant Rate of Pay - $524.00             (January 1, 2004)
        Red Bullet  Archived Consultant Rates
Red Bullet  Important Notice #128 - Revision of the NSF Cost Sharing Policy
Red Bullet  NSF Policy Statement on Cost Sharing - November 21, 2002
Red Bullet  FAQs regarding the NSF Cost Sharing Policy
Red Bullet  Human Subjects
    Red Bullet  FAQs regarding Human Subjects
    Red Bullet  Common Rule for the Protection of Human Subjects
Red Bullet  Information for U.S. Government Funded Researchers Collecting In Situ Genetic Resources Outside the United States
Red Bullet  Grant & Agreement Conditions
Red Bullet  Federal Demonstration Partnership
Red Bullet  NSF Outreach

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